Current time: 09-24-2023, 02:37 AM
My first AC was the fourth, when it came out; I've bought every game after that, and a copy of AC2 as well. I'm interested in manga-style art, programming, rollerblading, and -of course- video games with immeasurable depth.

I'm Canadian with Scottish heritage, and can only speak English. I joined this site primarily because I need help figuring out how to dispose of a model, sorry to say -though I might find myself over by the art section of this forum later on.

I'll start a thread somewhere more appropriate asking about that model, once I receive permission.
Welcome to the boards sir!
whargarrblwhargarrblwhargarrbl[Image: whargarrblcounter.jpg]  ...
*deleted because cringe*
welcome to the boards \o/
Welcome to the forums! Have fun, look around, don't hesitate to ask.

Since you made your first post I think the board will allow you to post elsewhere now.

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