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Whaddaya know, I have media-related hobbies, too!
White_Rain mixes music a lot with Audacity.
Yes, that's right. With the music mixing program Audacity, I tend to take multiple tracks and blend them together because why the heck not. It's another hobby that I could have taken up, might as well do it while I'm young.

Currently, I have done only two projects so far - Mixing "Remember" from Armored Core: For Answer and "Mechanized Memories" from Armored Core: Verdict Day into one song (it worked unsurprisingly well, but then I threw a few twists to REALLY mix things up), and then mixing a pop song from South Korea with the music that plays when Windows XP starts installing on your computer (and oh my GOD was this mix beautiful).
Who wants to hear these songs? I've been thinking about showing them on YouTube, but due to my personal life
(in specific, a "friend" - now ex-friend - once threatening to murder his mom, telling me to murder MY mom, and then threatening to murder ME as I refused to speak with him - I was told to -, and getting in trouble with the law each time), I've had to switch to a different account. If anyone was paying attention to my profile, my email and Yahoo! Messenger screen name changed - the above statement was the reason. As such, I will have to create a whole new YouTube account, but that shouldn't take a while.
Just post it, and eventually people will listen. Gotta start somewhere, right?
Y'know what, Grim, you're right. It is now live on YouTube.

The remix took merely an hour at most, but that's just because I know the ins and outs of rearranging music and I knew what I wanted to do, though I did run into a few problems that got fixed kinda quickly.

Have a listen! I hope you enjoy!
It's pretty good to start off. Smile The sound levels really pick up quickly though, so some of the voices and instruments are muddled and lost in the mixing. I'm no expert either but this is an interest of mine, so I look forward to hearing more.
I prefer this track's lower pitch of tone compared to the original version. Sound quality is too rough though imo, I guess you could just clean it away. :p
The revision is live at the following link, with improved sound quality!

I hope you enjoy this one even more!

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