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Project: Archer (temporary name)
Head: CR-H06XS-EYE4
Core: CR-YC03U4 hanger
Arms: CR-A89AG
Legs: CR-LH77A
Booster: B03-VULTURE2 (10 heat)
Generator: KONGOH (10 capacitor) *Changed to G91 with 10 output*
Radiator: ANANDA (10 cooling)
Inside: I07D-MEDUSA2 DECOY DISPENSER *Changed to MEDUSA to fit the G91*

Arm Unit R Hanger: CR-WH69H HANDGUN
Arm Unit L Hanger: NONE

Frame tunes: all to cooling.

Mode1: ROE, MT, 98L, BP, 69H
Mode2: MT, MT, BP

Taking some lessons form PACT1 especialy with my match against Nix where I noticed Halimaw's lack of a truly effective weapon system against ACs specializing in distance control, I created another heavy weight AC based on the non-conventional LH77A leg set (it is a fairly good leg set, only overshadowed by the FA).

Mode1 is a standard configuration, equiping the 98L, BP, MT, ROE and the 69H for good measure. The 98L seeks to address the issue of distance control by allowing the AC to engage opponents outside its normal effective range without seriously compromising its own position (I often had to do areial attacks with Halimaw to close the distance against Nix in PACT, thus leaving me at risk whenever I hard-landed or landed on an open area). The BP is standard fair, and in conjunction with the MT can be a problem for the opponent at mid to short-range (Stun with either weapon, then the next one might hit). The 69H is for back-up, or to be used as a last ditch change in playstyle when the MT and 98L are out and only a few BP shots are left.

Mode2 of this AC requires both missile launchers attached on its back along with the BP to create a highly offensive AC. An aggresive play-style is used with this configuration, alternating between 40 salvos of 3 missiles each and 40 BZ rounds being fired at the same time. The philosophy behind this design is to create overwhelming pressure on the opponent by relentlesly unleashing a display of firepower that even one single mistake in dodging can result in a huge loss in AP (again, stun with BP or missiles, and hope that the next weapon fired would hit the opponent). Oh and 120 missiles can't go wrong! Smile)

Issues: The BGR combo, while workable, still presents a risk. It can blow out, and does not offer much for endurance and the KONGOH's calorific value, while not an immediate threat under normal circumstances, it can present a problem when faced with high heat weapons such as the GRIFFON and other weapons under sustained fire. I'm currently dealing with this situation by devoting all tunes to cooling.

An alternate solution is to swith the MEDUSA2 to MEDUSA and drop the KONGOH in favor of the standard G91, however I don't know if its worth it if I won't be able to have enough refresh to power the 98L in this configuration. It will however, definitely help Mode2 if I switched to the G91 because of its fairly large battery and low risk usage.

The choice of FCS is because of the lock speed offered by the MONJU, although I had a hard time deciding between this FCS or the VOLUTE and F73H since the other two offer larger lock boxes.

(The legality of this AC is still under debate because of the ROE in conjunction with the 98L)

Picture time:
[Image: dscn0417ay2.jpg]
Christ. Another monster. I haven't even played you yet in this thing and I can already imagine how you'll play it. XD

I agree, the addition of the 98L is a good choice, it gives you accuracy beyond the range of Halimaw, which can serve as an effective deterrent against rushers and other ACs trying to get in closer.

Mode2 sounds like it's still a killer despite relying on missiles. The MT is a very good missile pack, so 2 of them should pose some real problems for the enemy. Even without jousting their volley's velocity is still one of the best in the game IIRC (if not the best). Honestly though, I think you're going to use Mode1 more often than not. The Mini-Sawa is just that much more reliable over missiles. Any missile. Especially one without extensions.

Anyway, yes, that BGR represents a risk. Due to the Kongoh's redzone being non-existent, once it's output down, it's bye-bye Mini-Sawa. Definitely accomodate the G91 for it's greater overall capacity. The 98L's shots shouldn't be spammed anyway: just because it's deadly accurate doesn't mean you should fire without care, so the issue of waiting for the energy bar to recharge a bit before firing again shouldn't be much of a bother. Plus, 10 deeks is a lot. By the time they run out, I expect your opponent to be well on his way to 0 AP, with the way your weapons are set up.

One thing though. Although the arms being overweight seemingly present no traceable effect on accuracy, you're still technically overweight, which means your movement, and most especially your turning, is way down. This could present some real problems for you with ACs who hover directly overhead, or flank you each and every time.

Why are you not going FA? XD

Other than that, this AC doesn't fit the name Archer... it's more of a...

Tabatchoy. Tongue
Got tired of the FA, I wanted to try other heavy legs and the 77A looks good with the design (especialy with the U4). Well, there's an alternate with the FA legs, U3 core, and EYE3 head, but I like the way this AC looks more Tongue.

Well, the only drawback is the noisy beeping sound coming from the Arms OW warning, but other than that, the AC performs much like what it should with a fully loaded 77A.

Oh, and yes, I'm switching to the G91. Big grin You convinced me with that one.

About the name... I can't find a Filipino word that qute fits the description of this AC. I was thinking Kapre or some huge thing. Tabachoy is cute tho, but not for this AC Smile)

Now that I think about it, Archer is a pretty lame name for this AC...
Only thing I can say right now is that this AC looks nasty.

You may want to consider the PHAGE optional part.

I've also got a suggestion for the name: Manggagahasa
dual 75mt's are redundant. drop one and replace it with your trademark 73mv. i think verts do a good job of harrassing people from long range. and they fit the "archer" theme quite nicely.

the 77a has really bad cooling, and the kongoh just gives off too much heat. you need to have like 16600 cooling, more or less, to keep it under total control if you want to run it with the vulture2. i suggest a change in the gen. 84p perhaps?

unless we adopted foreign tourney rules to the letter, the roe can stay. but i'd rather go with relations. Big grin

i think one name suits this ac perfectly. Alexander, the moving fort. we all know that Alexander was this HUGE mechanical entity that looks like a cross between a fort and a giant robot. ultra heavies like leperman's design resemble the namesake in concept.

and lastly,

can i have the paint stats on this thing too? i think i should return you the favor by testing this out myself. i would also like to come up with a different paint job myself to go with the alertnate configurations. Big grin
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Some good ideas for names are:
Keeper: In HW2 They're indestructable and powerful to boot
Qwaar-Jet: The Tiidani heavy cruiser, 'nuff said
Scarab: The HUGE spider mech from Halo 2
<img src='' border='0' alt='user posted image'>
Wanzer brought up a suggestion I was thinking off just before I posted this design, in this case its the MV for one of the back mounts and the GAR for extensions. However, he does make a good point that changes my decision to use 2 MTs, a smart opponent would eventualy figure out a way to dodge the MTs and BZs with ease because of the redundancy of weapons.

Head: CR-H06XS-EYE4
Core: CR-YC03U4 hanger
Arms: CR-A89AG
Legs: CR-LH77A
Booster: B03-VULTURE2
Generator: CR-G91
Radiator: ANANDA

Arm Unit R Hanger: CR-WH69H HANDGUN
Arm Unit L Hanger: NONE

45, 65, 90
115, 115, 55
20, 30, 50
200, 80, 50
180, 170, 160

With this configuration I could still keep the G91 and the MEDUSA2, while still maintain the ability to harass opponents at long range with the MV. However I lose 12 rounds in my 98L but that's a compromise I can live with.

I originaly wanted to make use of the ROE for the sake of uniqueness. But now that I think about it again, I'm sold on the GAR + MV idea... It just sounds like a better deal overall.

I really like where this thread is going Tongue

Magnet20: Keeper sounds nice, I'm seriously considering that name.
Manggagahasa! Smile)

[Image: bitchslapqx6.gif]
A Pure heavy weight...
After seeing your performance last time, and then this design...
I can say that this baby's much scarier that Halimaw...
And talk about Bweet~ Bweet~ I'm sure that if I fight this, I'll be hearing the same sound from my AC...

Here's a name suggestion...
The Big Fat (Orc) Lady who sits on guys' chests till they die...
'Signatures are overrated.'
Smile) But this AC is slower than Halimaw and has less defense. But still, lol Smile)
Well, you still have the option of ejecting your missile packs...
And after 12 shots , you'll be using then ejecting your ROE's...
'Signatures are overrated.'
Whoa! Where's the FA? LOL!

How about MEDUSA for MEDUSA2, then GAR2 for GAR? IIRC, U4 has the second to the best core AMS in the game. With your dodging skills, 20 deeks may not be needed.

Or, you can always keep the MEDUSA2, but change to GAR2. You'll just have to sacrifice a tuning point for max leg weight, then you can use the GAR2 on either mode. Four missiles is still a lot.
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i think you might wanna consider using the lemur too. it goes great with all the angled frame parts you're using and still have some decent def stats.
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TWO TRIPLE MISSILES? Well it's your AC. The triple missiles seems to be fairely aviodable but the damage is pretty nice. why not change one of the triple missiles for another weapon like the HARPY or the KINNARA so that you have a variety of weapons.
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<!--QuoteBegin-wanzerfreak+Nov 21 2006, 03:42 PM--></div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (wanzerfreak @ Nov 21 2006, 03:42 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'><!--QuoteEBegin--> i think you might wanna consider using the lemur too. it goes great with all the angled frame parts you're using and still have some decent def stats. [/quote:b58e9296ba]
Looks like he does have a point there. Then change your head to QUEEN or EYE3.

This looks pretty solid, curse the BP j/k Smile)

@rober2: he already changed one of it to MV Wink
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