Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal
Finally announced last night.

More gameplay and info in here too:

Pretty much the same core gameplay as Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. except:
- Characters
- Super meter
- K.O.'s from Special attacks
- Long ass name

Confirmed Characters:
Sly Cooper
PaRappa the Rapper
Fat Princess
Sweet Tooth

More Sony exclusive characters will be in this game (etc. Jak & Daxter, Rachet & Clank, Nariko, etc)
3rd party characters are also going to be included in this game.
Any speculation on who those characters might be?
i hope its not fucking mario

but im interested on seeing sweet tooth, i hope his megaguns doesnt track.
If only Crash Bandicoot didn't sell his soul to microsoft/ nintendo. I'd love to see him there.
Damn Activision, they have both Crash Bandicoot and Spyro..

I hope some 3rd party characters from the "Long Live Michael" PS3 trailer make it in.
Isaac Clarke from Dead Space
Lightning from FFXIII
Chell from Portal
Ezio from Assassin's Creed
Old Snake from MGS4 (he definitely has to be in the roster)

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