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Posts not updating properly?
Every time a new post comes into one of the threads, (according to the forum home-page) it doesn't pop up in the "View New Posts". Furthermore, when I check the thread - the post seems to be missing. Multiple refreshes doesn't work.

The posts seem to come back when I log in and out though.

If it helps any, I used Mozilla Firefox that time. I'm on Google Chrome for now.

Edit: Google Chrome has the same problem :<
[Image: 142183_zps37998c8a.gif]
Yeah, this has been a problem with the forums for a while now. Something with the caching. I'm trying to find a fix for it save for starting from scratch (which would be a big bummer for some of you, I'd imagine), but so far, no luck.

For now, keep refreshing the page instead.
On firefox, you'll need to do a hard refresh. ctrl+shift+r
I've gotten used to it. It's like using your left arm to reach stuff since you can't raise your right arm higher than your shoulder or something like that.
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