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RL / GRIFFON lefty-gunner prototype
Annullo (obliterator / annihilator)

frame parts
S2 - 30 cooling, 50 shell defense, 20 energy defense
U3 - 20 cooling, 50 shell defense, 30 energy defense
MACAQUE - 20 cooling, 60 shell defense, 20 energy defense
DINGO - 20 cooling, 60 shell defense, 20 energy defense

internals and motive parts
VULTURE2 - 30 boost power, 70 booster heat
G91 - 30 energy output, 70 condenser capacity
ANANDA - 20 energy drain, 80 cooling

RA radar


frame colors - matt black with red trim, neon green details
weapon colors - black for main, red for hanger

A frame i've been tinkering with yesterday. The body parts are from a modified Legatus. The concept is based on AEA1's Itak. The idea here is for a mid or light gunner mech with laser shots or bazooka shells hidden behind a missile cloud.

The plan is pretty simple. Switch on the missiles and extensions first, get a full lock then fire the left gun right before launching the missiles. If done correctly, all your opponent should see will be the missiles, not the beam sneaking in right behind them. The RL and the remaining GRIFFON shots should be enough to mop up whatever's left standing. The hangers are just there for backup.

Comments and suggestions are needed. The AC itself is still a work in progress.

And i just found out a bit earlier that NiX apparently built the exact same AC back in 2006. Tongue
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You already know my opinion. Smile Ditch most of the cooling tunes and heat tunes on VULT2. G91 to maximum output, Ananda all to cooling (or maybe just 1 to drain if you really like). Wraith under RL may not be necessary.

I like the HISTON on this.
Well, he could drop the RL end-game if the opponent's really trying his best to get away. It's like having a manual aim E2.
G91 to max output as well. It has a good condenser capacity but poor output. It affects the refresh rate.
Since you only have the Griffon to worry about when it comes to energy usage [aside from your boosters] max Ananda's cooling. Also, try to round down your resistances so that you don't have much of what they could consider a weakness.
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I think g91's output is pretty decent really. But yeah, usually, it's just RAWRRRR OUTPUTTTTTTT TUNEEEEEE. So there. :p

Fox and I have the same ideology when it comes to just put a handgun under everything, so no complaints me for the handguns-a competent player might even make you whiff that rl more than you'd expect, but it's more of preference this time.

Agree with nix to put the cooling tunes somewhere else. as long as the unit hits 15000 cooling, then it's all good to go. Just max out cooling on ananda.

Personal preference, but I usually wanna pair gar series with nymphe, or any other missile system that can be used to poke. more shots, more pokes. But then again, it's more weight on the AC for a longer duration, so I guess it's another preference thing.

Hmm....that's all I have to say....But, it's an incredibly fine unit already. Smile Wanna match it up with pin prick!!!!

(02-21-2012, 10:45 PM)Mjting Wrote: Wanna match it up with pin prick!!!!

Garage duel in the making? Tongue
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."
This is an AA-class AC!
My God, what have i done? LOL
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."
lol AA class LOL
I wonder if this AC swears "FUCK YOU" all the time too for every energy drink you give it.

I would also want to know if all maps will always have weather conditions such as raining, thunderstorms, or a constant tidal wave from energy drinks.

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