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LR Core Functions - Episode 1
I want to start a discussion/FAQ on the overboost function of some cores in ACs.

We all know what overboost (OB) is, what it does, and how it works (the basics, at least). But just to formalize it, OB is a core function that allows an AC to travel a great distance at a quick speed. It takes some time to charge before boosting. Also, during the charge-up period, the AC heats, like the ordinary booster. When used in conjunction with the booster, it compounds the heat (unlike SL).

i) Generally, it's for getting close to the opponent. However, it could work inversely, that is, away from the opponent.
ii) Once OB has kicked it, strafing speed is increased due to being in mid-air.
iii) Can confuse the opponent with all that zooming around.
iv) Dodging mechanism, theoretically.
v) Excellent for flanking opponents, or circling them.
vi) Can be used to setup an attack/defense tactic.

i) Drains a lot from the e-bar.
ii) High charge-up heat and Discharge heat, making simultaneous use of the booster with it strenuous on the radiator.
iii) It has a delay moment before boosting.
iv) After deactivating OB, the AC does a braking(/stopping) or a hard landing animation (if the user doesn't do one of the canceller techniques; will be discussed later).
v) Requires a certain level of mastery to use properly, i.e., not exactly user-friendly.

Canceller techniques: These are maneuvers done to cancel the braking or hard landing after an OB. Note: I'm not sure with the proper terms other boards use.

i) Mid-air cancel: Basically, the AC goes into a mid-high altitude then cancels the OB, which allows the AC to immediately switch to normal boosting.
ii) Low-Mid-air cancel: Same as the mid-air cancel, the difference is that the altitude is almost touching the ground. After canceling, the AC can go straight to a walk or dash or boost. Note: After canceling the OB, it is a must to be moving toward a certain direction with your analog stick or directional buttons, or the AC will hard land or brake.
iii) OB slide: Similar to Low-Mid air cancel. However, this is the lowest possible altitude an AC can be to cancel an OB hard landing or braking. Instructions:
1) OB
2) Slightly increase altitude (dependent on the weight of the AC).
3) Deactivate OB.
4) Simultaneously with 3), hold forward.
Note: In LR, the slide is hardly noticeable anymore. However, it's very evident in SL.

Additions to canceller techniques:
i) The moonwalk: After doing a cancel, strafe to an opposite direction. For example, OB to the right, cancel, then moonwalk to the left.
ii) OB slide to Jump (For kicks, this sounds like a Tekken combo, hahaha! LOL): Do an OB slide, however, instead of holding forward, tap/ light press the forward, then immediately do a jump (w/o) boosting. This maneuver can still be done with an increased press of the forward, but I highlighted the tapping part because of its importance to actual combat.

Attack patterns generally used in conjunction with OB:
i) OB Joust: While OBing, the AC shoots missiles or a back cannon or generally, a ranged weapon.
ii) OB Slash: Similar to OB Jousting, but a melee weapon is used instead.
iii.a) Flanking: OB mid-air facing the opponent, then deactivate, then turn while in mid-air. This is only plausible with a high-turn AC.
iii.b) Flanking: During a circular motion against an opponent (CQC range), do a short sideward OB, while maintaining turning.
iii.c) Flanking: Activate OB. Before the boost kicks in, face the side of the AC toward the opponent, then do a sideward/strafing OB.
iv) OB Slash (side swipe): Take iii.c) maneuver. Once the AC is about to pass the opponent, deactivate the OB or do a ground or blade-track slash.

Comments? Suggestions? Violent Reactions? Corrections? Additions?

So far, this is the FAQ I have for the OB. I'll edit this post if there are more things for us to add. There are several issues that are of great concern to NiX and I about OBing. I'll make another topic in the theory part.
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nice one dude... we could consolidate all your episodes into one FAQ.

too bad you missed the tournament.
Good stuff man. We'll look forward to the next episodes, which I hope to see soon. Tongue
Hmm, perhaps I should mention a neat little factor of LR physics.

When you execute and then cancel OB in the air and tap boost, you'll maintain your OB speed until it finally wears-off. If you hold any directional input to move your AC in the air, you'll immediately lose that temporary residual OB speed burst and revert back to normal flight.

This can only be performed in the air. Hovers are able to do it from any altitude, but they're always in the air unless kneeling.

Speaking of which, hovers are good practice for learning this maneuver.

Give it a try sometime.
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a good hover design doesn't need to ground boost. they go so fast just with directional and strafe buttons. and then there's OB using low-cal gen/rad combos. Big grin
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