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Need Help: Last Raven
Stuff Im wondering about
I know for a fact that new parts came out for the portable versions of Armored Core 3 and beyond. But what Im not sure about is how and in what games they are acquired.

Am I gonna have to go back and play Armored Core 3 and SL portable, then convert my data to Last Raven, to get the new AC Portable parts?? Or can I find them or acquire them in AC LR Portable through missions and beating AC's??
im pretty sure you cant acquire them through LR portable, because that was the only one I brought off of PSN and i went through every mission on there. or maybe they are hidden in places through out the mission's in LR, but my best bet is to go through 3 and SL
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I see. well that kinda sucks but im hoping thats not the case because i dont feel like downloading III and SL, it takes too god damn long.
I too converted my ACLR Portable parts from AC3 and ACSL Portable. The draw back is you will not acquire cash initially.

"spartansgestugatenso" can be right as some parts are hidden and some parts are acquired through rewards. But for me I only migrated from ACSL, and my ACs are like that ever since.
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