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LR: AC Spartans Roar
Spartans Roar

parts tune
H11-QUEEN ECM 100%
CO6-EOS weight 100%
AO9-LEMUR2 weight 100%
CR-LH81AP weight 100%
CR-B83TP booster heat 100%
CR-G84P EN output 100%
ANANDA cooling 100%


optional parts

base R-0 G-0 B-0
aid R-30 G-30 B-30
optional R-0 G-0 B-0
detail R-200 G-0 B-0
joint R-60 G-60 B-60
pattern :camouflage

any feed back will help and thank you again for reading, i know i know its a crap AC compared to the stuff you guys make but i think hes awsome and iv been with him since AC3 Smile
what do i fight for? i have nothing to fight for but i fight i LIVE because it is my only defiance to what ever gods may be for making my life a living hell
It is because machine guns and heavy weights got shafted in LR - this guy is still deadly in NX with the dual Gatling guns. There are potentials with kneeling to fire the grenade launchers and overboosting, but the design may suffer at long ranges with evasive opponents who are likely to be equipped with missiles.

Since you have the MONJU FCS, you can switch out the grenades for a missile launcher with extensions (use E06RM-GAR2 and CR-WB75MT if you would like to keep the same weight). Slap on a decoy if you have troble with missiles.

Happy testing! Happy
Ok! Some suggestions:

Primarily, for the tunes, for pvp uses, ditch the ecm tunes on the head. Go for armor/defense tunes almost all of the time, as these are the ones that actually matter. For weight tuning, they're sort of situational for me if you really need those tunes to make everything fit. Frame parts are ok.

For the booster, tp is usually a bane of balanced competitive gameplay for ACLR, so I' d most likely have id changed to vulture2.

84p is good, but if you wanna save weight, g91 is an extremely stable and effective generator. lotus+gull can even be used with this, as long as you are able to manage the combo.

for monju, I have two ways of getting around, it's an awesome fcs, but only if you have a missile system that has a lot of locks, hence maximizing one of it's strengths, which is a speedy lock.

solution 1: replace the grenade launcher with a missile set. sparto1+gar/gar2, mt+rm3, 69m+Gar/gar2, nymphe+gar, heck you can even combo MV, with any missile ext and still prolly get weight for a 69m for backup. This can have monju.

solution 2: grenade launcher stays, but just switch to f73 for a more slightly stable lockbox.

for the arm mounts, as awesome are gatling guns are, I think the righty m2 isbetter off replaced by pixie3, or even pixie2 for more ammo considerations. Not only will these last you longer, they will hit more too! Smile

For the optional parts, EC needs to be removed for CODON. you don't really need the extra condenser with 84p. and with a weapon load out that has short range, turning and aiming dependent weapons, codon is a MUST.

I hope I don't come across as being a smartass with all these suggestions, but it is to try to make this AC able in a competitive scenario. Tongue

medusa0: yea i know he really was deadly in NX i aced just about every mission with him, also i had him since AC3 with double grenade launchers so i dont know if im gonna really change the grenade thing, for some odd reason to me it never really feels right to put missiles on heavy weights but its worth a try Smile

arch_angel: yes you are a smart ass in a good waySmile will try the optional part change and arm weapon change and from the looks of your post and everybody on here all of you are awsome at making killer AC

thanks a bunch
what do i fight for? i have nothing to fight for but i fight i LIVE because it is my only defiance to what ever gods may be for making my life a living hell
Here's what I said in the other thread:
Quote:Frankly, it's just not good at all when up against actual people. The 98G can't be used without taking punishment as well. And the AC, even with TP and OB, just can't get in close enough to do any real damage with the dual M2s. And even if you manage to deal some damage with it, there just isn't enough ammo to finish the job.

For the most part, arch_angel already covered most of it. I'll just add a bit more.

There's quite simply no way to make a competent human opponent eat grenades from a kneeling biped without heavily punishing you in return for even just attempting it. The closest you can get to a back-cannon for bipeds is something like a 75MT+RM3 missile combo. So maybe try that. But if you're hellbent on using the 98G, then try out some heavy quads like the quad A2.

CR-B83TP and AO9-LEMUR2 are generally frowned upon due to being significantly better than most parts in their class (broken). But that isn't really what's wrong with the AC.

The AC struggles because it can't bring its weapons (the MGs) to their effective range due to how slow it is. M2 being crap in LR doesn't help either. And without any hangers, you're just bound to run out of ammo. Maybe try rifles or bazookas instead.
A bunch of missile systems can work for spartan's roar, like Sparto1, nymphe, MT, hydra, MV, 69m, and even the micro missile series. these with either rm3, or a Gar/Gar2 will significantly make this better at range control. Salute
I wouldn't even use 98G on a quad. It's really only good on a tank.

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