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Gilla Sathanas
Mid-weight staple
Before I post any new designs (Actually they were quite old, last I tinkered with them was last April), I'll post about one of my more staple mid design that most people in RR have encountered over the past few years, nut never got the chance to write about.

[Image: rGG9v.jpg]

GULL, 10 heat
LOTUS, 8 output, 2 cap
ANANDA, 10 cooling

Screens, gen cap, missile jammer, CODON, KISYOH

Drop either the SPARTOI + FUNI / NYMPHE + GAR, OR the MV.

Looks can be deceiving, as this AC packs a LOT of defense for what looks like a flimsy frame. At 2092 shell and 1852 EN defense by default, this AC can go as fast as 351 Kp/h and packs serious firepower with the BP and HP + 69H, making it a speedy armored monster at close range.

The AC is highly optimized to deal as much damage as possible accurately at close range, at the same time having the capability to absorb as much damage as it can dish out with sacrificing as little mobility as possible. Thus there is little compromise on endurance of the AC due to the LOTUS powering some high drain parts like the LEMUR and the S3 legs, but these are deemed fair trade-offs considering the defense and AP granted by these parts.

The GULL + LOTUS give decent mobility and compliment the design's philosophy of getting into the hotzone, and directly slug it out against another AC. Boost endurance is pretty good, just enough to let it fly for a while or skim on the ground. Acceleration needs a bit of help, but the armor should be able to shrug off the occasional stray bullet. Heat isn't much of an issue from experience, but the design might suffer when fighting against opponents armed with high heat weapons.

On to the weapons. The BP is an awesome gun with high damage, stun ability, and accuracy, and the HP + 69H help increase the tracking ability of this monstrous bazooka, and doubles as a damage dealer. Missiles are there for support, and are there to assist the player in closing the distance between them and the opponent. As always, distance gauging is important to determine when to fire your weapons. The BP's 40 rounds may sound a lot, but they are still 40 rounds, try not to spam too much if you know you aren't hitting your opponent. As for missiles, for wide open maps the MV works fine, but when fighting in low ceilings other missile options do better.

A couple of things with this design: Missile dodging should be instinctive for the pilot, as the design has no missile defense besides the built-in CAMS. The overall design isn't fast, but it is fast enough to keep track of an opponent rushing towards you.

Since the design is primarily geared towards close range combat, faster out-range opponents (Faster ACs armed with RS and/or rifles for example) can still pick off the design at longer ranges. Thus Missiles are there to assist close-in maneuvers, or to simply harass opponents, and hopefully getting them to engage in close combat. Dropping the missiles should increase speed and help the pilot manage distance control.

In the end, I'm currently happy with it. Though it could be better with weight tunes. Say I maximize weight tunes to fit in decoys or better missiles, then that would be swell. Other than that, I'm happy with the way it is and the design hasn't changed much over the years it has served me, but times are changing and the design may require some tweaks in order to keep up with the changing landscape of competition.

Comments? Suggestions?
I know this guy is supposed to start overweight, but mind if I ask about the frame parts tunes? Otherwise, that is a very beefy rig you have there.
No frame tunes Tongue I had the habit of never tuning wight for frame parts because it screws my recollection of part stats.

Anyway, just drop of the missile combos and it should get the AC into combat weight. It's basically keep the MV or ditch the MV missiles depending on the situation.
Stupid good frame. No real criticisms for it Smile
fabulous design Rick!!!!!!!!!

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