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AC: Hawk

S2 3,7,0,0,0
UA 10,0,0,0,0
GOAT 0,7,0,0,3
VULTURE2 0,5,5,0
KONGOH 0,10,0
ANANDA 0,0,10
Screens, SS, EC, SLA, L+

A flying missile boat, this AC is designed to rain death on enemies with its VLS and Hi Act missiles :tongue:
Due to the low drain of the unit, whith the KONGOH and HB booster, this AC has unlimited flying time.
Jump, then fly up till you hit the redzone. After that, activate extensions and boost accordingly.

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I think the CENTAUR's are not so good as vertical strike weapons because they can be easily dodged by moving foward (unless if your opponent is slow and is beyond 300 range, then the chances are they'll get hit), which is a shame since I've always loved dual verts since the start of AC.

In my experience, micro missiles do a pretty good job as a weapons for a flying missile boats. Try a couple of KARURAs or KINNARAs on the back and see if you like them, they'll spike your ACs drain a bit though.

Oh, and for your FCS try the MIROKU since you're not dual gunning anyway, it gives a BIG lockbox, excelent range, and very good missile lock time stats Big grin
Flying at about 300 high, the verts seem to do a pretty good job, as they have more than enough time to adjust their trajectory.
Ill try the Micro missiles though.
Changed the FCS to MIROKU.
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