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Poject: Falken
Falken Mk.I

MALFLY 0,10,0,0,0
CRONUS 0,10,0,0,0
X5 0,10,0,0,0
LRJ76 0,0,0,10,0
B81 0,0,10,0
KUJAKU 0,10,0
ANANDA 0,0,10
Screens, SS, EC, ECM, L+, CODON

The goal of this project is to create a light AC that has as much flight time possible. This is the first entry to the series, and it can stay in the air almost indefinately. This AC exclusevly used death from above tactics, and can literraly float over the opponent. The only problem is that it stays at about 200 degrees constantly when its floating, making it weak against heat weapons. If it has to land, the acceleration of the booster should let it dodge most shots.

Changes in Bold
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Have you tried the KONGOH on this? It'll give around 700 more surplus EP than KUJAKU for a lot less weight and heat. Combined with the B81, it just might work though I can't test right now.

If you're not against the part, I'd suggest the use of DINGO2 for even less drain. You might also want to look at some of the light RJs for legs since they drain a lot less than lightweights humanoids.

Less drain, more surplus EP = more flight time! yay!

Also, why the MONJU? I think F73H or any WS FCS works better for this AC since there are no missiles anyway. Hope that helps.
I have tried the KONGOH, and its actually better for this design.
The DINGO2 legs break to easy for my liking.
Im currently experimenting with different legs, FCSs and armaments for this AC.

I have also created a DFA missile boat, although its still a prototype.
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