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PACT Regulations for LR
The way I see it is that it's another conditional ban that would only make an already long and complicated banlist even longer, while providing next to nothing towards actually improving missile selection. The main missiles it would benefit are already the ones everybody uses (ie nymphe, and especially MV). Nymphe2 probably still won't get used because its trajectory and tracking is greatly inferior to Nymphe. Satyros is already very mean with just 1 missile lock, and so forth.

This is just me theorycrafting of-course, but I've never been a fan of needlessly making any banlist more complicated for the hopes of the slightest gains in part diversity. That's more along the lines of forcing a metagame rather than letting it derive on its own.

Regardless it'd be interesting to try out in practice to see just how major its impact is (though very tough to find its true impact on a particular metagame because this game has such a small competitive following)

my sentiments exactly dear mother, its the same as banning TP, H3, and UA hangars while it did nothing on improving part diversity.

i miss the old LR where no parts were banned and the game encourages aiming and effortless dodging.

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