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AC:LR Garage Duel
Testing your ACs in PvP
The rules are simple: Pick an AC you own, and pit it against another AC. Just post the links to the designs, and we'll handle the rest.

When you've made your choice, Nix and I will be studying both ACs and fight to the death when the closest opportunity comes! It's like a combination Fantasy Tournament and Challenge Duel.

For Example:

Please declare which AC you wish to fight by picking out a design in the designs forum.

NiX Wrote:I would like to use Osiris:


Lord_Leperman's Halimaw:

Nix and I will probably swap designs after the first match and see which wins. In case of a draw, the 3rd match ACs pilots will be decided by a coin toss. Results will be recorded on video and posted.

We're doing this for fun btw, so don't take the results personally or be the end judgement if the AC is better or not. We may not be piloting to maximize your AC designs, so maybe if you can, give us some tips on how to use the ACs.

So with that start making designs, and post away! Sophie
Requesting for a match between my Astralis and AA's ArchAngel mk.1. The specs are in our respective garages.
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."
Aw man ur gonna make me have to post a garage up in hur! I might have to steal ur idea and use it for acu and fight lcc.
Ok, so it's the following:

AA's AA:

Head: CR-H97X5-EYE(0,0,4,6,0)
Core: CR-C75U2 (0,0,3,7,0)
Arms: CR-A72F (2,0,0,8,0)
Legs: CR-LH80S2 (0,0,2,8,0)
Booster: B03-VULTURE2 (0,6,2,2)
Generator: CR-G91 (0,9,1)
Radiator: ANANDA (0,0,10)
Inside: 105D-MEDUSA
Extension: E06RM-GAR2
Back Unit R: WB260-HARPY
Back Unit L: WB01M-NYMPHIE
Arm Unit R: CR-WR93RL
Arm Unit L: CR-YWH05R3
Hanger Unit R: CR-WH69-H
Hanger Unit L: CR-WH69-H

Optional parts: Amino,ES,SS,L+,CODON,R+,MARISHI


Fox's Astralis:

[Image: DSC04782.jpg]

DRONE - 70 shell defense, 30 energy defense
U4 - 60 shell defense, 40 energy defense
MACAQUE - 50 shell defense, 50 energy defense
89F - 30 cooling, 50 shell defense, 30 energy defense

internal and motive parts
VULTURE2 - 100 booster heat
G91 - 100 energy output
ANANDA - 30 energy drain, 70 cooling



So there, first entry. We'll see what can be done with this one as soon as I talk to Nix.

Please post the links to the designs in the future :p. Makes it easier for us, especially when we get confused with the names at times. May I remind people that it doesn't have to be an AC in the "Garage" so to speak. It can be an AC in the designs forum still being worked on if you want to have it evaluated by a potential opponent.

TM, go ahead and bring the idea to ACU if you wish Tongue.
Oh you know we will.

Steal the ACs and everything.
Fuck protoss.
I vote for dual gast to lose.
LOL play nice, mom. We've more sensitive feelings here. Like Eeejay. LOL
Ok, that may rub some people wrong.

As much as I may agree, I can't help but support the underdog in a battle. So my heart will be extra passionate when using the dual GAST AC. Smile
TM's Air Jordan vs Nix's Osiris.

Show me ur ob games.
My sniper unit Thanatos vs Tm's Air Jordan

Haha the queue's racking up. OK we'll get to it soon enough. Smile
More OB games son! It'll be funny watching my little 6900 ap sniper try to OB stall out a harpy2.
I've since swapped out the HARPY2 on that with a 75MT!

Gotta say right now though that I can't blade to save my life. Will practice. LOL
Nix and I are both Type B users. We won't be using the URCHINs to that great effect sadly, but we'll try in any case. I should have said that earlier though.

Maybe one more entry to have 4 duels. Depending on the time, we might be able to do just some of them this week, hopefully we finish them all though.
Nah fox I was building the match up. Do you guys not do that over there? Somehow your post vanished!

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