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ACLR: Der Jager
PACT-ified version of my staple @_@
(06-08-2011, 02:09 AM)NiX Wrote: Just need to confirm for the ACLRR Arena. This'll be using COWRY?

At first I thought this is an AC you get your ass away from.
Then I saw Cowry...
Then I saw the truth. It's not that it's coming at you because it wants to, it's because it has no other choice.

Speed, DPS, this is one aggressive unit you have here.
'Signatures are overrated.'
@ Nix

Eep ._. Limpet for me, plx, forgot to fix that ><

The one that's posted here now is the latest revise. :3

EDIT: *now* fixed Smile Gomen gomen x.x

@ Serene

It fits my playstyle perfectly. Big grin This one's basically just the AC you guys saw in Tagaytay, just with a few... alterations. Cowry-enhanced lockbox = <3 (at least, that was the idea - on second thought, Limpet would probably be better)

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