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ACLR: Snowblood
AC Name: Snowblood

Arms: A88FG
Booster: TP
Generator: KONGOH
Radiator: ANANDA
Inside: NONE
Extension: FUNI
Back Unit R: NYMPHE
Back Unit L: SATYROS
Arm Unit R: RL

Arm Unit R Hanger: N/A
Arm Unit L Hanger: N/A

Optionals: Solid/EN defense, braking, stability, condenser cap, missile lock, energy attack, cooling

Frame tunes: weight/weight/weight/load cap
Internal tunes: booster heat/condenser cap/cooling

Those who've played AC3 will no doubt recognize the frame as Valkyrie's. This one's more of the same, except that she happens to be more of a mid-ranger than the AC I based her on. Missile launchers are more of a backup than anything else. KONGOH is there because of insanely quick energy refresh (special thanks to Serene for this), and specifically because this design eats up energy way quicker than any of my current staples (which run LOTUS/ANANDA/TP *or* GULL) do.

TP can be switched out if in case one wants extended flight capability, as can GRIFFON for those who have something else in mind. FUNI is there because 1) it's the lightest relation missile extension part available, 2) this thing packs two missile launchers on its back, and 3) there's no more CROW to abuse. @_@
Rename AC to RIMJOB please!

AC looks ok to me. TP and KONGOH make for a very hot combination though. Sad And I'll tell you right now that all the parts can be swapped for something better. But hey, put together, they make a unique whole.

Just change your FCS, please. Maybe F73H.

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