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The ongoing zerg botling rush
Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I should really visit RR more often. Anyway, I had this same problem to a degree over at ACU. Bunch of bots were registering every week or so and spamming all over and such. There was a pretty easy fix I thought up completely at random once I got tired of banning accounts, but I don't know if it'll work for you guys or not.

Anyway, what I did was I added a custom profile field that was mandatory to fill in upon registration. I also added in another feature, but that wasn't so important really. The field that was mandatory to fill in was the real kick in the ass for the bots. It basically lets me set a required alphanumeric input that potential members have to put in. Like so, "x xx xxxx." People who want to sign up have to enter any characters of the alphabet in place of x, have to put spaces where there are spaces, have to put the period at the end, and can't put any extra characters in or it'll refuse their registration. I also made sure the field would accept more characters than are actually in the "phrase" they have to type.

You can see what I mean by going to the ACU registration page and just looking right above the reCAPTCHA. The actual CAPTCHA and such are pretty trash at stopping bots.

Also, this method doesn't completely stop the bots forever. It seems like they eventually get a real person to fix their bot program (I think) so it types in the required phrase. About once every 3-4 months I get a bot that registers successfully which I delete right away and then I just go change the phrase real fast to something else. It's about three minutes of work, but it stops the bots dead in their tracks for a good long while each time.

You may want to consider doing something of the kind, as it works suprisingly well.
Fuck terran.
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Hey Niji that's really helpful advice. Big grin Let's see how Grim can implement something similar.
Yo Niji sup. Thanks!
Thatll sure stop em dead.
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Some bots coming once in a while, but nothing like the onslaught before. Just reporting.
I bet our newest member isn't a bot Tongue

[Image: Untitled-1-3.jpg]
The last one's profile is damn clean. Even Archangel saw it that way.
Plus, it's using a name resembling an actual site. Searching for it will end up getting you to think if it really is a bot.
'Signatures are overrated.'
Just performed a mass SQL delete on the banned accounts. Feels gooooooooood.

EDIT: If by some reason you were mistakenly deleted by the SQL query and you're not a bot, my sincere apologies. Please reregister again. Smile
(01-31-2012, 02:11 PM)Grim Wrote: Just performed a mass SQL delete on the banned fuckers. Feels gooooooooood.

Nice. Thanks boss!
Wow. The banlist looks so cleeeaaan. Big grin
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."
Oh no! our epic ban comments! XD
It's also good to see the Oekaki page released from the Zerg. Not that it's being used by anyone anyway. LOL

Thanks! No more bored mods anymore though.

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