Current time: 09-30-2023, 05:23 PM
LR: Königin
Pilot: Lv1 Spider

[Image: pilotspidah.png]

Quote:Frame Parts:
EYE3 (0,3,4,3,0)
98E (0,0,4,6,0)
LANGUR (0,0,5,5,0)
LIZARD (0,0,9,1,0)

Internal Parts:
GULL (0,0,5,5)
LOTUS (0,8,2)
ANANDA (0,0,10)

Attacking Parts:

Optional Parts: AMINO, ES, SS, KISSYOH, LA, L+, CODON

Made an AC out of boredom right after cleaning my analog stick. I also haven't played in a while, so I'm not really sure how this thing is supposed to perform in battle. From the way I see it, I picked the RS2 due to it being more spammable from close to mid range than the other sniper rifles, then you can either pop in the EO core and HP when the enemy gets too close or snipe from afar with the LADON as you dodge/fly/whatever. RM3 and 69M (the usual XD) are used when an opening and a hit is assured (or at least, if you think so).

I'm also thinking of swapping the arms for something more accurate like the MACAQUE/FL/FG, but I don't think I'll need it at this point because I only plan on using the RS2 around 150 and below.

So yeah, I'm somewhat looking for an excuse not to use the R2. xD
Switch LOTUS out for G91 for more output with quad legs and railgun.

F73H should be sufficient for close range with dual weapons.

Now I'm obliged to make another AC...
Whoops, I forgot to put my FCS. xD

Either way, it's an F73H. I'll try it out with G91 later; I hope it won't be as slow as I thought though.
Lotus should work just fine with the current set up.
That's what I thought too, now swapping the generators seem to be a matter of how you're going to fight, so isn't really a big deal. G91 gives me more room for LADON shots, but somehow gives me this uncomfortable feeling that my AC has gone too slow (at least, in my book). While LOTUS offers me more speed, I certainly have to conserve my EN when firing the LADON consecutively. Won't really be much of a deal in the end if I'm fighting on mid or long range though.

In short, I'd use the LOTUS if I want to wander around the area and be mobile as I can while I snipe. If I want to keep participating in short range combat, I could get the G91 because I'd most likely use the LADON when exchanging fire against someone (regardless of range, except for almost-CQC range). I think its overall defense could help hold itself up in a firefight in case I get harassed by speed devils anyway.

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