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Obscure/Retro Mech Games
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I've always loved mech games. That's why I found Armored Core in the first place.

In this thread, let's post mech games that we've played or are aware of but others may not know about.


I used to play this with maitreya on PSX. It was pretty fun. Sort of a Virtual-On clone. Too bad I've lost the disc. Would be fun to play it again.

Megatudo 2096

I am ashamed to say that I also own this game. Laughing It is just lol and bad. Laughing

Speed Power Gunbike

The game is based on a successful manga series about guys with bikes that can turn into power armors. My copy still totally works! Great fun if you can get used to the controls. Great voice acting too. I just wish I could understand what they're saying.

Gale Gunner

I only saw this gameplay vid after Goat mentioned it. I guess he can say more about it. Supposedly, it plays like FME.

Cybernator/Assault Suits Valken

Great side scrolling mech game on the SNES. I was never able to play it, though.

Metal Warriors

This one, I did play. Super awesome side scrolling mech game featuring a good variety of playable mecha. Single player is stupidly difficult. Seriously. I found it difficult when I was 10. I find it difficult now, even when playing with save-states on emulator. There's even a versus mode! And I'd dare say there's a lot of depth and technique involved. Tongue Btw, looks really similar to Valken but they're not related.

Armored Warriors

Co-op mecha beatemup for the Arcade. I used to play this whenever my parents brought me to Glico's waaaay back in the day. Laughing I honestly miss it.

They don't make games like they used to. Smile
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Brahma Force for the PS1 Woot

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10-05-2010 03:29 PM
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(10-05-2010 03:29 PM)Twin-Skies Wrote:  Brahma Force for the PS1 Woot

Note, this is a mechwarrior-esque game (FPS view with cockpits) that puts you in dungeon crawler stages, infiltrating per level as you go in deeper. One word; awesome.

NiX Wrote:Gale Gunner

I only saw this gameplay vid after Goat mentioned it. I guess he can say more about it. Supposedly, it plays like FME.

It plays like Exteel, FME, and a bit of Votoms: Uoodo/Woodo and Kummen's dashing system. Note: The controls are one of the hardest to master, whenever you'd do a 180 turn or just look back, the dpad controls will be inverted, literally. If mastered, you'll see that it can move exactly like FM3's imaginary numbers and VOTOMS anime. Much like trying to do a Pugachev's Cobra in an air simulator, which isn't exactly activated with a few buttons (you need to do it all manually).

The in-game physics for the dashing works like Megaman Volnutt's roller skates, with more confusing controls. Edit: I forgot to mention that the whole inverted controls thing only applies whenever you're dashing.

Goat Wrote:Carnage Heart

Not for any typical gamer. This is more of a programmers' game, with mech ball-busting action. To put it simply, you buy parts and configure your mechs with a lot of no-over-denominator restrictions. Stealing the enemy base = win, don't forget to program your AI btw. Also, it has two discs; one for the game itself and one for the tutorial, which is much bigger than the former afaik.

Goat Wrote:Afraid Gear Another

I couldn't see any gameplay videos of it around youtube (too lazy searching for other sources). It plays like Carnage Heart, only that the setting and theme are AC: MoAish. You can tune stuff here too. You can also say that the battles play like Monster Rancher and Dragon Seeds (IIRC you can give commands).

Goat Wrote:Space Griffon (Formerly titled as Hamlet)

A supposed survival-horror mech game for the PSX and DC. Plays like Mechwarrior and uses Macross-esque mecha (although you are only as fast as a mech in MW). I've also shown the cliche and crappy voice acting & drama to Rick. The story really had potential and was good though. Sad

The game is literally a whole fucking survival (horror) game; you only get to use whatever you find for the rest of the whole game (NO PLOT ARMOR OR PLOT RESUPPLYING). IIRC you can use melee if you run out of ammo, although you're still fucked.

Goat Wrote:Robo Pit 1 and 2

I wouldn't say that 1 was really obscure; 2 was way more underground. A TPS hack-and-slash-and-shoot game that lets you customize your robot's color, parts, etc.

Goat Wrote:Iron Soldier

Another generic mechwarrior-esque game.

Goat Wrote:Shadow Gunner

Plays like Tiny Tank on the PSX.

Goat Wrote:Ghost In The Shell (PSX) was pretty good too.

TPS mech-car game that lets you play as a Tachikoma. Levels are played similarly to Shadow Gunner and Tiny Tank, only that you can fucking stick to whatever wall and kill everyone hanging unto walls from above, sides, wherever.

Gungriffon Blaze

Probably not as obscure, but not everyone owned a Sega Saturn. Been wanting to play this when I saw this in some old video gaming magazine during pre-highschool.

Goat Wrote:Ultrabots

One of the games I played when I first owned a PC. Also another generic mechwarrior-esque game.

Too bad Omega Boost wasn't exactly obscure. Or I would've placed a gameplay vid here. Laughing


Does Rock'em Sock'em Robots Arena count? Laughing

I remember playing some of the stuff listed during childhood. I also heard some even rarer games mentioned by Wanzerfreak before (I really forgot the names). Along with Krazy Ivan if I remember correctly.
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