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Zefyr's Doodles
Real life situations XD
I find the first picture too cute, even though I dont like girls with glasses.
[Image: 221918_217017848328331_100000603537747_7...4932_n.jpg]
ooh, Panty and Stocking. nie and clean. panty doesnt look as pervy tho XD
Getting some art all up in here o3o

[Image: lines_and_designs_by_kitsune_2-d4j2b1h.jpg]

Gundam Unit I designed for my old 00 fanfic. Thinking of revamping it, even though I'm 13 chapter in ._.

[Image: release_fate__by_kitsune_2-d4j2b4a.jpg]

Original Character for one of those moments you have an idea for a novel. I still hope to bring it to life one day.

[Image: once_upon_a_time_i_felt_fluffy_by_kitsune_2-d4j2awv.jpg]

Once upon a time I felt fluffy. Then this happened. Go figure.

[Image: questionmark_by_kitsune_2-d4j2b9h.jpg]

Two random people I just drew. Trying to change up my style, slowly trying to make it more... realistic ish. Not there yet, but am sort of getting there.

Is all for now. Haven't submitted much here, but ah well. Still trying to get proportions for ACs right. So many angles... so many straight lines... so many boxes... Gundams are far easier by a long shot XD
What time is it?

[Image: adventure_time__by_kitsune_2-d4xputx.jpg]

Hell yeaaaaah.
I know I'm talking to myself in this thread, but oh well XD

[Image: armored_core_v_operator_by_kitsune_2-d4zfxai.png]

On a side note, can someone change the title of this thread? It's gone from supposed doodles of my random adventures in life to just plain doodles XD
(05-11-2012, 07:52 PM)Zefyr Wrote: I know I'm talking to myself in this thread, but oh well XD

No, you're not.

A few more pics and it'll be a drawing evolution thread. Nothing to not like here. Salute
'Signatures are overrated.'

I still do the art, unfortunately not professionally after all these years, only IT work has followed me for now. Yeet.
Well, it's still great to keep your passion.

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