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Street Fighter X Tekken

WTF MegamanWtf
This is also a punishment for you.
You will be the defender of justice and wear a mask forever,
you won't be able to live as yourself.
You will sacrifice all your happiness for the world.. Eternally..
(Last words to Zero - Lelouch Vi Britania)

Not sure if this is official. Nevermind how the actors look. It's extremely well done. I was really impressed. Big grin

i love how this game has a lot of negative feedback coming from their own primary community.
Neeeeerd Raaaaaaaage. LOL

Just don't buy the game if you don't like it. LOL

ill wait for the Pc version
lets compare SFxT to twisted metal

online sound and network issues

Steve's infinite combo

kuro infinite combo

pacman infinite combo

xiaoyu infinite combo

kazuya infinite

megaman glitch

a complete video dedicated to for glitches

360 version manual stated that there will be 2 player coop tag team for online, but it was a lie saying that the "architecture" of xbox live is different from PSN, but look at MK9.

announcement specifically to fix infinites

i really wonder if this game really had gone through play testing? even pacman's infinite is probably the worst and simplest infinite ever be conceived in a game. and i have never seen community videos that are dedicated to looking for glitches in a game before.

the amounts of ridiculous infinites in the game current is as abysmal as the very first guilty gear and hokuto no ken series, which the japanese themselves stated that the game is "broken"

this will be another kusoge game made by capcom

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