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<span style='color:blue'> [AC Anomaly (Sniper)] </span>
CR-L74M MaxW 10
G96 EnO 10
Screens, EC, ECM, L+, CODON

All tunes cooling unless otherwise stated.

Paint: (Camo ON)
200,60,60 [Head 200 all]

<span style='colorWhistleed'> [AC Anomaly (Close Combat)] </span>
F82D2 >> VOLUTE2
/ >> ELF3

The sniper version goes +500 w/ no drops. Very effective at close range if the rifle is dropped. The close combat version is a MG-er. It runs at 550 once the NIXs are dropped, making it a good blader.
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Ok, I'm no blader so I really can't give suggestions on frame parts which match blading styles. However, I can tell you that its better to change your FCS to the F69 for both designs, that way the ND lock box of your FCS will not adversely affect the SYLPH's lock box size. The F69 is also highly suggested for the CQ version, as it gives a generous lock box for your weapons.
take advantage of your hangars. If using a hangarable blade. Equip a quick drop weapon on the left hand, then hangar the blade. (peryton, hp, griffon comes to mind) after you deplete your quick drop weapon use the blade.

for close range combat... hmmm... it's kinda similar to my OB flanker. you could check it out. just check the designs in this page. Give the vixen a try for close range combat
G69, yeah! LOL

Who needs OB when you're going this fast, eh? Anyway:

The sniper version itself is quite good, since there's a lot of mobility to go around here. Although I would go with AEA1's advice and stick the blade in the hangers, so that you have extra damage to deal from the get go. That is, if you're playing keep away with the sniper version. If you're aggresively closing in on them all the time, eh, that's a different story, I would keep it as it is.

Close combat sounds like a demon though, but with one problem. Without any back units to support you, I'm guessing you're always be flanking your opponent, trying to get in effective range for the Nixs. But a good player will always find ways to counter that, and without the SS optional part for stability, once you get hit... you really get hit.

To that end, for the CQC version, I'd switch the FCS to either F69 or Limpet. Then maybe drop the hanger Sylph and pop on some Urchins if you want, lol mines are always fun with light/featherweights. I'd put in the stability optional there too.
try this out...

in the start of the match equip these

Right ARm-RS
Left Arm-nix
Right hangar-slyph
left hangar-slyph

drop either the left or right weapon at the start of the match.

yes... you'd loose the blade, and your close range attack will be significantly decease. nix-nix vs nix-slyph.

but you'd be access both modes depending on your opponent.

if your opponent is faster, go sniper
if your opponent is slower, go close range.
a"two faced"AC ;P

shameless plugs. check out kampilan fot the general idea...
Good idea AEA1, i will be posting an updated design this weekend, as I have too much crap to do after school (community service, band practice, ect.)
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