Armored Core Live
Today's Raven's Meeting Streaming right now via USTREAM.

Check them out:

Aaliyah kawate is there lol
Off the air na. What happened? What was this about?
A fan meeting with Aaliyah Kawarte, the Aalyah head mascot guy. It appears to be an AC meet which includes various incarnations of Armored Core (from the PSP versions, PS2, and the current gen ones.) I've been meaning to write something about this event, but my zilch knowledge of Japanese prevents me from writing something meaningful. Sad
During the last hour it looks like they're trying to defeat a souped-up version of Motherwill. I noticed their APs drop considerably way before they start engaging the AF. A few seconds to live once they've reached the AF.

Sa tingin ko parang bunutan kung sino yung maglalaro. Tapos may papercraft silang nareceive pagkatapos. At may mga nakasuot ng homemade na maskara lol

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