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Magna Carta: Tears of Blood
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Has anyone tried this game. Its an RPG for the PS2. Came out sometime late last year. The graphics are pretty good. Storyline is comparable to Legend of Dragoon, with an epic war between the humans and the Yason stretching over the years.

Battles are like Star Ocean 3 where you can free-roam over the battlefield but only one character can be active at the time and the other two aren't AI-controlled, you have to switch between each three party members. The twist to fighting is that all your attacks are button combinations that you have to press at the exact time to make it succesfully. If not, you fail and the enemy gets a free hit on you.

An interesting part of the battle-system is that each character has the chance to learn several elemental styles, which means you have to pick carefully what characters you will use and what styles to bring into battle to effectively fight enemies. Plus there is a chi system that is really annoying. Basically, each environment has different kinds of chi in them. Chi determines which attacks you can use and what kind of chi the enemies in the area are using. For example, if you're fighting in a desert environment, expect the enemies to use Earth and Fire type attacks. OF course, you can change your characters Chi to maximize your damage against them. Basic elemental rules apply. FIre vs water, lightning vs earth, etc, etc.

Try it, i wasn't dissapointed when i picked it up. Plus, the intro song reminds me FFVIII's "Eyes on me"

The best part of the game. The girls are just so amazing. Especially Rianna.


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10-11-2006 05:37 PM
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All those things you mentioned sounds good, I think i'll give it a whirl. It's been awhile I played a good RPG and since I haven't gotten a copy of FFXII yet, this might be a good filler for now.

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12-05-2006 07:55 AM
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