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Yes, it is a Human Plus Overweight Core. A cheap AC indeed. However, despite its seemingly insane firepower. The AC needs to be in good hands in order to perform properly. Despite being an HP. The Karasawa still drains a lot of energy and that requires careful tactics of boost sidestep boost.. Also, the AC is greatly offset by its low AP and its low defense against shell ammo. It is a multi purpose AC IMO. Slightly good for missions(if you know your way around) and performs greatly in the Arena. I've completed every task known in MOA(except leg specific parts arena) using this AC.

Generator: GBG-XL
Booster: B-PT0000
Back L: WC GN230
Back R: WM X201
Arm L: Moonlight

Try the GBG-10000 generator. In almost all cases, output should be the number 1 priority when choosing generators. This one should help you to fire off Karasawa shots even more consistently.

Output determines how quickly the gauge refills itself. Capacity is the amount of total energy the gauge can hold (the totality of the green bar). Condenser cap determines how much condensed energy you can have (the red bar).
^ Agreed, but if you want to sacrifice about 900+ output for a few thousand+ stats on the capacity and the condenser cap, you're better off with the GBX-TL since you're on PLOW (plus overweight) anyway.
Well since you're already OW, why not try try the AN-K1 arms? though you lose a bit of AP compared to the AN-25, the EN and shell defense bonuses should make up for its short comings. Tongue

Overall your AC is, well... Heroic looking :p There's little for me to recommend besides better defense parts since H+ takes care of most areas besides defense. Otherwise, the weapons seem to be covered already, maybe a variation from the missiles (such as the vertical missile) to keep human opponents guessing?
Yeah, thanks for the advice mates. Its a shame I have no human opponents around to test this AC on. I tried my convincing my friends to play this game but in the end they just uttered... "umay". lol xD
Well, you can try it on us Big grin. Why don't you show up in our next AC meet when we have one? Tongue We're planning another burger BBQ some time soon Big grin
Sure thing matey! I hope you guys wont frown on me being PLOW. Its the only thing that makes me a little bit of a challenge. Al though I am practicing normal style of play in LR. And what sort of burgers? Army Navy? If so im in! xD
Home made burgers.

Nah, we don't mind Plus-and-Overweight. Plus-blade is probably the only thing that's really broken. LOL
Nah, don't worry about PLOW. I used to be one myself Tongue I even used OP-I for a good part of AC3 so its mostly fine for most of us here in a non-competitive level.

Army Navy burgers sounds interesting though :p Know any branch near Makati? Big grin
Rick. There's a branch in Glorietta 5. Heck you can walk to there from your house. /OT hahaha
Anyone up for raiding that joint this Saturday? LOL
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[OT]Dang, I want to try too. I wonder if I can go there instead of going to a free classical music concert this Saturday. This has piqued my interest.[/OT]
Yeah. In Glorietta 5. I was in that very same joint last week saturday. lol

I saw some raven looking peeps there hangin out. And by the mention of burgers... I was thinking it was you guys. haha xD
Probably not. Our pictures are all over here. You just have to dig. Hahaha. Thread hijacked. [/ot]
Woah~ This one's good, given their tips. I kinda reminds me of Napoleon. ASteeg~
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