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An Unkindness of Ravens
I think it's just another phase that can be likened to the community moving on from the old games to the newer ones. The old forums/websites are now gone or are starting to go, and new ones are filling in their place. And much like embracing the newer games, the move to the newer communities is slow and painful. LOL

I think Niji's ACU will outlast ACOi though. As you said, people haven't entirely supported Obscure.
The whole AC community in its current state (excluding vets, you know yourselves)
[Image: PACAFAGG.jpg]
Did a little searching and found that Facebook entry. It was pretty painful to read. Facepalm
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."
(08-20-2010, 02:06 AM)Fox Wrote: Did a little searching and found that Facebook entry. It was pretty painful to read. Facepalm

Link Please?
'Signatures are overrated.'

It's just a little downwards.
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."
page not found D:

just remove the period at the end of the url

edit: there, i fixed it
Weird, it worked just earlier. Try this then. Should be the first one.

EDIT - looks like NiX fixed it. LOL
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."
yes yes now I see the fail Facepalm


The game series is not very popular around where I live, unfortunately. I personally know of only one other person who has ever played the game, but he only played 3 on the PS2.
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I first played armored core 4 and FA but after playing the previous AC games i can understand y alot of fans are disappointed but the next-gen AC games it's doesn't feel the same at all...sure adding QB and AA functions were a big factor of it was for ppl regular boost was initially supposed to be the QB of the game but in 4 and FA it's more like and option on wither to used it or not and it only slowed down your output of the AA was i think a rather nice add on help getting those annoying ppl who only slash you regret that they did that in the first place bu i personally think it's not the functions that make the game (well yes it is cuz it's customizable) but i like video games b/c of the story line or something and i think that's what form really needs to work on the basics of video games (i see video games like books but unlike books you are the character and you interact w/ the story)
Raven name: Rexzo
AC name: Propagation, Melancholy, & Gotterdammerung (Soon: Omni Seraph)
AC type:MW Bipedal or MW Reverse Joint (either way)
Favored weapons: Rifles, Machine Guns, Hand Guns, Micro Missiles, and Laser Blades
Attack Style: Either Aggressive or Backpedaling

Being born with angel wings (Propagation)
Rose after fallen from paradise (Depression) (Melancholy)
Accepted my inner devil for if I fought; I would have ultimately lost (Gotterdammerung)

Having undergone these trials I've have become an Omnious Seraph

"I'm a Mercenary, I'm used to betrayal...
But power is all that matters now...
In the end, Human arrogance will eventually usher in our own downfall... -Genobee"\

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It's funny looking back at some of my own (obsolete) ideas from almost 14 years ago. We finally have a lot of the online play features (through emulation and vpn) that we only dreamed about back then. And online communication through voice chat and video calling and instant messaging, like on Discord, has advanced enough that geographical boundaries aren't as damning to forming a community anymore.

And many of my opinions on games like AC4 and FA and the series as a whole have definitely changed with time. Nowadays, I'm honestly really glad to see a highly active FA scene online. It's not my favorite, but it's still Armored Core, and I'm just glad that people are interested. If I can find some copies to borrow, I might actually fire up the ol' PS3 to give those games another fair shot. And for as short-lived as ACV and VD were for me, they were still lots of fun while they lasted. And many new friends were made along the way. *cheese*

Now actually feels like a good time to write a sequel for this. That's if I ever muster up the will for it. =P
Haha wow, talk about taking me back.

Shin called it. Even though there hasn't been an actual port, being able to play the games on PC really opened the game up to a wider audience - and fortunately for us, it's an audience that knows how to create mods and tools!

(10-16-2009, 12:36 PM)Shintetsu Wrote: Well, other than their own shortcomings, porting the game to PC will do them well, particularly because of the online/multiplayer fix. If your newly expanded community loves the game, they'll directly or indirectly become involved in every new aspect of the game in the long run.

As with you guys, you don't really dig the story much but instead, you're into the game. Think that by porting the game into PC, you'll get multiples of yourselves somewhere else in the world, sharing the same PvP interest as you do. The rest is self explanatory Smile

Now that VI is gonna be on Steam, we know that multiplayer capability is covered, at least for the lifecycle of the game. When they eventually shut the servers down in 2040 or whenever, you already know the community will have already figured out a way to keep things going.
Wow, over a decade we are.

The overall connectivity issue has more or less improved (still calling out PLDT for the routing matter though) -- and emulation has evolved enough to allow the community to show the devs that the fans are still alive and playing.

They might do a Capcom and release ports of the previous games too, hopefully they still have the source code for the previous games on board.

Failing that, there is still emulation. What a time to be an AC fan.  Woot

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