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for my fanfic
I was told to make a seperate thread for this discussion so here I am posting Happy

I'd like feedback on my story, 'memories'. It's not done yet but I'd still like to know what's good, what's bad, or any other reaction you guys may have. Thanks.

Currently skimming through it right now but i can safely say that it's shaping up pretty good. I'll add more to this later when i'm done reading it.
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I read half of it so far, and I liked the way you were able to incorporate the AI mannerisms and speech patterns into your story. I'll give it a review soon as well. Anyway, don't worry about the Gary Stu bits, I'm guilty of it as well despite cringing about it myself from time to time. :p
What happens next I read your story and really like it gave me some ideas to moddify the one I am posting/re-working
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