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Last Raven: Zefyr's Garage
My AC designs in Last Raven ^_^
Pilot Name: Zefyr
AC Name: Revelasyon

[Image: revelasion.jpg]

Head: CR-H06XS-EYE4 (0,0,0,0,10)
Core: YC08-ICURUS (0,10,0,0,0)
Arms: YA10-LORIS (0,10,0,0,0)
Legs: LH07-DINGO2 (0,0,0,0,10)

Booster: B05-GULL (0,0,0,10)
Generator: G02-MAGNOLIA (0,10,0)
Radiator: ANANDA (0,0,10)

Inside: NONE

Arm Unit R Hanger: NONE
Arm Unit L Hanger: NONE


Staple Last Raven AC. This one's the final one. Use the Geryon3 along with the OB after you distract the enemy with the micro missiles and ground torpedoes. It works, I've been practicing (Only for a few minutes though haha. I got the Geryon3 at about 12:00pm today, tested out which missiles distract the AIs well, focusing on leg part breakage, and recorded the videos below at like 2:00pm, ending at probably 3:00pm or something. Never felt better in my life Happy)

Videos (sorry for the crappy quality) - VS Evangel - VS Zinaida - VS Rim Fire - VS Jack - O

Tips about Overboost canceling are welcome. I'm still not very adept at it.
Hey Zefyr! I really love that you decided to share your AC with us. Happy

I'm not really sure what parts you don't have yet, but I'll make a few suggestions on how I think your AC can still be improved.


For starters, tuning 10 points to a single parameter isn't very efficient. Generally, tuning a part's lowest stats gives the highest yield. Also, the first 3 tunes normally give big numbers. 4-6 is pretty good too. And most of the time, tuning beyond 6 nets you very little benefit.

With your current frame, you can tune it this way to squeeze out more performance:

Head: CR-H06XS-EYE4 (0,0,0,0,10) tuning ecm for single player is fine. but against people, you don't need to. --> (0,0,4,6,0)
Core: YC08-ICURUS (0,10,0,0,0) --> (0,6,4,0,0)
Arms: YA10-LORIS (0,10,0,0,0) --> (0,6,4,0,0)
Legs: LH07-DINGO2 (0,0,0,0,10) --> (0,0,3,2,5)

Booster: B05-GULL (0,0,0,10) --> since GULL is very hot, 10 to heat is fine
Generator: G02-MAGNOLIA (0,10,0) --> magnolia is already a high-output generator. Hence, you don't get much for tuning even more to output. Try tuning it to (3,4,3)

Try these out and see an increase in overall stats. These are just suggestions on how to tune, of course. You can still tune to your preference.


Sad to say but in most AC games, some parts are simply better than others.

ICURUS in particular is pretty bad when you compared it to C840/UL or YC010/UL2 because the energy that ICURUS consumes for OB is pretty ridiculous. Its overall stats, except for defense, are also worse than either core. And then there's a core's VS MG RESPONSE function, which is a built-in laser that shoots down incoming missiles. /UL and /UL2 have that while ICURUS does not. Both are also lighter than ICURUS.

The rest of your parts are good choices. Happy


ANANDA - pretty much the only radiator you need.

MAGNOLIA - very specialized generator used only for ACs that need a lot of extra energy. But generally, the lighter CR-G91 is preferred. When you look at generators, one stat is called CALORIFIC VALUE. This accounts for the heat generated by the generator itself. The problem with MAGNOLIA is that its cal. value is pretty high. It's still manageable though if you have a lot of cooling and if you use boosters that don't generate a lot of heat. Boosters that pair well with MAGNOLIA are BIRDIE2, B81, and VULTURE2. The latter is preferred in most cases.

GULL - this is great because it's light and has thrust. Problem is that it's also very hot. When paired with a hot generator, it's really easy to get overheated. GULL generally works well with generators that have very low calorific value, such as LOTUS and FUDOH.

Simple guideline:
ANANDA + medium heat gen + medium heat booster
ANANDA + hot gen + cool booster
ANANDA + cool gen + hot booster
HAZEL + cool gen + cool booster


The missile set up is pretty good. Try SYAKATSURA instead of KINNARA though if you really want something to distract with. Happy

PYTHON was a cool concept but it's highly inaccurate. Sad Closest laser weapon I can suggest that's actually good is SHADE.

GERYON3 - great cannon in itself, but having to kneel really puts you in a vulnerable position. If you really want to use this, try out some of the QUADs. LF71, LIZARD, and LF93A2 are all good choices.

Oh, and try F73H or VOLUTE for your FCS.

Well that's it! I hope I didn't overwhelm you. Happy Do try these out, and I promise that you'll see an improvement.
Haha, thanks for the suggestions. I'll take the tuning into account. There's actually a back story to why I chose the Icurus.

Personally, I like its design. It looks sleek and awesome Happy Moreover, I use it because of the Option Slots. 20 of them haha. I know the Optionals aren't that important, but a bit more optionals are useful, for me anyway. But also because it has a little bit more defense. But mostly its because I think it looks cool, and its rarely used by others. I like feeling unique XD


I'm pretty good at heat management. The G91 is actually my favorite generator, but I stick to the MAGNOLIA for the energy. I don't lose as much energy with it. The Lotus loses energy too fast. One thing I'm NOT good at is energy management, especially if its with low output generators. I lose myself when I boost for long periods, near the point where I almost overheat, then hop, hop, hop, repeat the process. I end up charging with the Lotus for some reason XD. The Fudoh is too heavy for my setup, so that's out of the question. Of course, I'm bound to make more ACs for VS purposes. This AC is for VS and story purposes Happy


The GERYON3 is for long-range bombardment, before an AC gets near me (as shown in my videos, haha). I Over-Boost out of the way, and use the Kinnaras + Extensions to distract the enemy, and then get a safe enough distance away before pelting the enemy with the remaining rounds. If I'm lucky, it hits one point enough that the legs break, and once that happens the AI is doomed. This setup is basically an anti - AI AC. Whether or not I can utilize it against another person, I'll just have to wait and see. Also, I suck with quads, heavies, RJs, and hovers. Light weight and Mid weight Bipeds are my forte.


Ah yes, the PYTHON. I picked it for a reason actually. Its a lightweight hand-held Railgun. That's cool. But, I've noticed once I've damaged a part on an AC, Evangel for example, damage his head/legs. I don't even have to destroy them and once the PYTHON hits him, he staggers. Its useful for if the GERYON3 and Micro missiles don't do his legs in. Again, this is basically an anti-AI AC. The Shade also doesn't have that explosion that the PYTHON or the KARASAWA does when it hits. That's another, albeit shallow, reason >_< Oh and I make sure to choose my shots carefully (most of the time...), so accuracy isn't that much of a problem.


I'll take your other tips and incorporate it into another AC design. This AC is zee staple AC, so nothing, except for maybe the tuning, will change. Thanks for the advice, could you also recommend some parts that work well with the TP boosters? Thanks in advance Happy Oh and by the way I think I saw your YouTube account. NiX8888? If so, your vids are awesome Happy
Well if you have reasons behind your parts, then that's your choice. I'm simply commenting purely on a performance perspective.

TP? Everything works with TP. LOL LOTUS and G91 both work fine. MAGNOLIA, sometimes on well-cooled ACs.

Yup, NiX8888 is my YouTube account. Thanks. Happy

PM me one time if you want to test your ACs. I can swing by BF anytime.


EDIT: And to address your comment in my YouTube account: --> The AC I was using.

I'd rather that you watched my vids against people though. Tongue

I was using the LOTUS generator. GULL works well with it even with the relatively low output because of GULL's low charge drain. It's all about how you manage it.

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