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PACT 5 Discussion Thread
As I said, I already prepared blank brackets for 5,6, or even 7 pairs. It's highly unlikely that we'd make 8 pairs.

5 pairs - Triple Elim.
6 or 7 pairs - Double Elim

Since only 5 seeded players are pretty much sure to attend, and there are at least 10 other eligible players, it looks like we can definitely use the tiered format (even if Dave and Alvin do go).

I'll say it now though. In case we end up with an uneven number of entrants, someone will have to make the sacrifice of backing out of the tournament. Sad You'll have more time for burgers, if that's any consolation. Tongue

Drawing lots for partners will probably start at 1:30. And then there'll be around an hour and 30 minutes for prep time. Hopefully we can start the tournament by 2:30 or 3:00 at the latest.
so whats the finalized plans? someone edit the first post for the final state of pact5 please just for clarification pretty please.

I dont have a ps2 so what I've been doing is reading up and trying to make builds for the 2 on 2 XD

(I also edited this into the first post)

Final Plans:

Random selection of partners starts at 1:00 PM. But previous PACT placers cannot partner with each other. Their starting points on the bracket will be predetermined.

As soon as everyone has a partner, there will be one hour for preparing/modifying ACs and strategizing.

During the preparation time, each pair will be given a maximum of 15 minutes on a PS2 to modify their ACs. The pair declares their ACs for use and a marshal checks them for PACT-compliance. We're only using standard PACT rules.

We'll be pretty strict with this 15-minute thing so please at least have a good idea of what ACs you'll want to use. This time will only be for MINOR ADJUSTMENTS and for synergizing with your partner.

Other rules are just the usual. Banned maps as before. Bunutan para sa map every round. Best of 3 for the regular matches and best of 5 for the finals, 5-minute time limit, blah blah.

Most probably no need for AP-point system in this one. Magulo pa eh.

For the brackets, we'll use those indicated in
If 5 pairs enter - triple elim
If 6-8 pairs - double elim

As soon as everyone has already declared their ACs, the tournament can begin. Let's set it at 2:30 PM.

Tournament itself will probably take around 4 hours.

And... I think that's it.

Good luck to everyone.
Egg illustrations for trophies!

Hoo boy. LOL

Sadly though, I wasn't able to find time to build my AC or to practice. Bye-bye Linka Sad
Here's how the tourney went:

Teams -
1. Leperman and Beaskiller
2. Nix and Goat
3. Maitreya and Ardjin
4. TwinSkies and Azuriel
5. Atdsutm and Arch_Angel
6. Clonezero and Serene
7. Grimweld and AEA1

[Image: PACT5Brackets.jpg]
(Thank you,!)
EDIT - Wow, only noticed now that we fought almost everyone, except Twin-Skies and Azuriel! The Ting brothers got to fight every other team there was, while Maitreya and Jin got pretty lucky with the byes (not to take anything away from their wins). :p
The tournament went REALLY well. It's much more fun, though not necessarily any less competitive than a 1-on-1 tournament. Preparing with your partner was probably just as fun as the actual matches. I'll post more stuff tomorrow night. It's time to rest.

Thanks to everyone that made this possible.


1. NiX + Goat (11-1)
2. Maitreya + Ardjin (5-6)
3. Andrew + Mark (9-6)
4. AEA1 + Grimweld (3-4)
5. Leperman + Beastkiller (1-4)
6. Twin-Skies + Azuriel (0-4)
6. Clone + Nerese (0-4)
Nice... Congrats Nix and Bert! I'll hand out your trophies later.

I'm wondering what Goat used...
Dalawang Ettin. LOL
Actually, si CZ yun. And dinala ni Berto yung Ettin tsaka Futen.
'Signatures are overrated.'
Namamaril with his Ettin habang nagtatago sa likod ng Futen

I know this has been posted before, but this is the blueprint responsible for my AC.

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PACT5 was a refreshing touch to the congested LR scene. The 2-on-2 format has an entirely different metagame.

Props to Nix and Goat for winning the tourney. Excellent attack combo. You just proved that firepower and defense isn't the only way to win a 2-on-2 match.

Props to the Ting bros! You guys did splendidly, and you got to take out The Man! With the 'brotherly love' joke aside, you guys made a great team.

Props to Ardjin for being an awesome partner. You got good skillz, and... Jetstream attack!

After looking at the stats, I think The Ting's deserve the second place - Jin and I got lucky with the byes. LOL

After this whole thing, it looks like there is no dominant team - which is good. Future fights is gonna be very competitive and it'll be difficult to tell who'll be at the top. Designs and tactics will be team-based, putting emphasis on the aggregate rather than the individual. And there's the Survivor factor. Haha
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-Prof. Rolly Panopio, UPLB Math Division
*starts to hide from rick*
I love it!

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