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Poll: LR or FA or older incarnation?
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Future PACT?
A survey
Ayaw niyo yung FFA royal rumble format?
subject to ff's (focus fire) kasi un eh. Smile) mas ok na may teams kayo para may strats and stuff.
Hahah in that case, it looks like we'll need another poll.

Usual ladder format, 2on2, or FFA.

EDIT: Oh, and if ladder: kung Pact I/II-format, or Pact III or Pact IV.

But as far as FFA goes, in my opinion, getting around being focus-fired should be part of your overall strategy. Tactics in an FFA tournament will be different from a 1on1 format. Besides, since it's FFA, it's unlikely that all 3 end up focusing on just one guy. Or maybe that'll happen because that one guy poses the greatest threat. It all depends. Maybe you can even make some hush-hush alliances outside of the tournament to increase your chances of advancing.

The meta-game (yuck) will be different. Let's say one of the combatants is a GOMAP tank. You may be able to more easily chip away at that guy's armor. But that might set you back in the later stage of the match because you've used up most of your ammo. Or you can design some gay speedy AC that'll just run and hide the whole match until 2 of the opponents are down and only 1 limp guy is left. It might take you to the finals, but such an AC might not be fit for the 1-on-1 format in the final round.

I think it'll be fun.



Mark, how do we go about lessening restrictions while still banning imba stuff? Pretty much all our restrictions are in place simply to ban the imba stuff. We've even allowed several loopholes. Any specific ideas?
in my opinion, 2 vs 2 format will be more good..coz it will promote co-op strategy (Armored Core: Tag Tournament...hehehe). it is much like a 1 on 1 combat, but with a twist *raven bonding time... hehehe Happy * (i was imagining scenes from CG intro of AC3 Clapping ). with regards on regulations, i don't think major revamping should be made (or at least make it more friendly restrictions).

Jason FFA...i dunno...Jason much like a "survivor" strategy..remove the threat..then outwit others..then win Domo (personally, i'm not comfortable with that)


-one AC entry would be fine
-proceed with the 2 vs 2. random pick is ok, or pick your partner...depends
-at the end of the tourney, have a 1 on 1 duel with your partner...then declares the champ

[Image: upeo113pr8.gif]


"I am more of a Teacher rather than a Pilot"
I'm not really that knowledgeable on the basis for "imba" stuff(or on the regulations), but simply a basic opinion that I think teammates(for 2 vs 2) can use the same parts(gens, rads, some weapons) with exceptions to some(dual hp's) to avoid borken stuff. I really dont think I have a say in this tho.
Kayo na'ng bahala sa official/ladder/whatever tourney stuff.

Basta may Royal Rumble. Big grin

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