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[OLD] Important, please read.
Quoted from the InvisionFree <a href='' target='_blank'>Terms of Service</a> (that's the provider of this free board service, BTW):

InvisionFree TOS Wrote:3. Content:
Your board must be in English. If you wish to have posts on your board a board in a language other than English, you must purchase ad removal. InvisionFree does not guarantee that Content will be protected from loss, deletion, removal, or damage. Backups are the responsibility of the board owner.

Bold emphasis added by me.

Now while this is quite a minor inconvenience (and I'm sure they won't be reading every single post in every single board, there are after all 1.5 million boards and counting), I'd still rather be safe than sorry. Free services like these can be quite notorious for no prior notification before (God forbid) account deletion, so it's best to play it by their rules IMO. We are using the service they provide.

So from now on, please make the majority of the language in your posts in English. I'm sorry guys, but that's the way we have to do it. Of course, the ocassional Filipino word or two (or even a whole post) isn't bad, because it's going to be among the other posts anyway, the majority of which is in English. It sucks because we can't quite converse as freely as we would want to, and my national pride is being stepped upon. Seriously. :meh:

I don't want this place deleted. Not only is it quite a task bringing it back up, but we'll have lost some important posts, and furthermore, I've grown to have an attachment to this (cyber)place. It's our home, you know? At least on the internet. Sana wag natin siyang pabayaang ma-delete.

Past posts in Filipino will not be edited. Even the rules won't be. I've added an addendum to the rules though, under Freedom of Speech. I'm hoping that as content builds up here though, the ones they will notice are the posts in English, if ever they do decide to take a look.

This is all unless we're willing to pool our money together and purchase ad removal, which is a hassle in itself, because of two reasons:
1. It means shelling out P250 ($5) every few months or so.
2. It has to be done by PayPal.
So it's not really a plausible option.

Sorry for being such a stickler to the rules. Normally I'm rather lax on them, hell it even says that skinning shouldn't be done without asking permission first, but this one I just can't ignore for some strange reason, no matter how I try.

In retrospect after typing this out, I realize that the majority of the posts here are already in English, LOL. So we'll just continue with what we've started upon. The Filipino isn't that eye-catching anyway. But it's still good to know what we're dealing with. Hahaha parang naging kalaban bigla ang InvisionFree ah! LOL

Thank you for taking the time out to read this.
damn, dude. i can read and understand tagalog, but i'm not too good at writing in it. guess we gotta do what we gotta do.

bummer. maybe if we write tagalog in l33t? i dunno.
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I appreciate the idea man... but writing Filipino in l33t kinda defeats the purpose. l33t was originally made for English words, so I consider turning Filipino words into that for the sake of hiding them a reappropriation at best. I'd like it if I could speak Filipino freely and without much modification, or not at all.

Quote:guess we gotta do what we gotta do.
Yes. And it's not the end of the world anyway. :tongue:
I mean we can still use Filipino in PMs, or in real life meetings. Or even the chat. Or even here, occasionally. Basta kailangan lang tayong mag-ingat sa sasabihin natin within the bounds of their jurisdiction and control. You never know what might happen.
I'm down with that, 'yo!
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Puchit naman...

But I think it's ok... as long as it's for the republic....

Good practice for my typing too... Hehe...
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Anak ng-

Oh well, we can use Tagalog some other times. <_<
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I don't understand? This board is part of Invisionfree, right? How come when <a href='' target='_blank'>URB</a> was still populated, we could use tagalog anytime we want. I don't recall anytime when we were told to stop posting in tagalog.

But if that's what the overlords want, then we don't have a choice, do we? English all the way it is then.
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Fox Wrote:I don't understand? This board is part of Invisionfree, right? How come when <a href='' target='_blank'>URB</a> was still populated, we could use tagalog anytime we want. I don't recall anytime when we were told to stop posting in tagalog.
Well, that's probably because they were too under the radar to be noticed. Tayo din naman ganun eh. I'm guessing the chances of them spotting this board are one in two million now. But it's still a chance, and one I'm not willing to take. Mahirap kasi gumawa ng board ulit eh. :tongue:

Yun nga, tulad ng sinabi ko, it's better to be safe than sorry.

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