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Epic Vocaloid Music Videos
where's the one person animation video?

found it
Tell Your World (The Project Diva Arcade seems to have the best PV of the different versions). This also happens to be one of my favorite Hatsune Miku songs.

Original PV:

An awesome video of Romeo and Cinderella [Hatsune Miku] (May be slightly NSFW):

Kagamine Rin and Len time! This one is titled "World Domination How-To"

"Re-Education" sung by Kagamine Rin and Len.

Now all these sound a tad bit depressing, so here's one that upbeat and not sad:

Rin and Gumi duo titled LUVORATORRRRRY!

Also, Nostalogic by Meiko. This one is a recent chart topper, and is a remix of an older song by the same Vocaloid. I LOVE the video a lot:

i've been coming back to this video since rick showed it at jake's. realized it has a lot of my turn ons XD meganeko, long hair, turtleneck + long skirt (i really like fully covered girls who still show off lots of curves), and that little dance she does <3
(11-09-2014, 09:55 AM)Lord_Leperman Wrote: Please watch the 3 videos in order. They tell a bittersweet story on love and some of its fantasies and realities. The first and last are sung by GUMI, the middle one I'm not sure which vocaloid.

Well well well, finally, a sequel to the last video...

Not that epic a video compared to the ones posted here, but the song is too fun to pass up.


Man, if only those people in the first 3 pages could see this now.
Right now, a super extensive CG movie made for a vocaloid music video.

Mega feels video:
EDIT: Original vid taken down, here's a replacement identical to the original one.

In case it gets taken down again, the title of the song is On my Wingless Back sung by Tohoku Zunko
haven't listened to all of em yet, but definitely going to add some to my jogging playlist Big grin
(01-22-2016, 01:22 AM)zero_kanipan Wrote: haven't listened to all of em yet, but definitely going to add some to my jogging playlist Big grin

Pretty good selection in that list for work outs.

Here's the latest one rockin' on my repeat playlist:

I Became a Monster sung by Fukase, a recently released Vocaloid soundbank,

Maid Factor:

Tokyo Summer Session. A really sweet video.

Kimagure Mercy. Catchy as heck and nicely well animated Miku video:

The most feel good song I've heard in ages.

Some pretty good Filipino Vocaloid music by Dasu:


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