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Prince of Persia (2008)
Prince of Persia meets Okami?
As of this writing, I'm around 2/5 done with the game, and I'm playing it in the PC.

I like the game so far. Kinda reminds me of elements from Okami, Shadow of the Colossus, and PoP:Sands of Time Trilogy.

The good points:
- Nice graphics. Beautiful designs
- I like the fight system. It's more interactive than the past PoP's. I miss the the sand abilities, but you get a lot more different skills.
- A lot of places to explore. A game for adventurers, and for sight seeing. You have objectives to accomplish, but you can do them in any different order.
- Gravity-defying extreme acrobatics. Different from the past ones, but you get a lot wallrunning, jumping, falling, etc.
- The "Prince" is sarcastic and funny (at least I find him funny).

The bad points:
- For those looking for PoP: Sands of Time trilogy difficulty, you won't find it here. The starting areas are relatively easy compared to the past games. The boss fights need some thinking to beat, but that thinking is done for you by the support character. And, you can't die. The Sands game has the sand rewinding ability. However, this game has Elika, who has unlimited magic which saves you when you fall from doing acrobatics or before you die in a fight. So instant "rewinding". Unlimited instant retries. Then again, this saves you from unlimited frustration of loading.
- There are only a few fights throughout the game.
- You do a lot of collecting stuff, kinda like coin collecting like Mario and Sonic.

I still recommend the game to those looking for adventure games, and for another Prince of Persia game. The game itself is good. A lot of things to do, see, and hear. The game's solid. Didn't see any glitches (yet), and I don't think there are areas you get 'stuck' at. So go get the game.
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Interesting. So it's more of a third person Mirror's Edge, except it tries to be non-linear. Who's the new Prince character, anyway?
This guy:

[Image: new-prince-of-persia-4-artwork.jpg]
"Numbers are not part of the real world; they're part of something else."

-Prof. Rolly Panopio, UPLB Math Division
(12-31-2008, 07:27 PM)maitreya Wrote: PIC

That's a fucking awesome speedpaint if I may say so. But what's his story? Any relation to the Prince from the trilogy?
Nope, entirely new Prince/universe. If you've played Okami, they have (so far) similar stories. The "Prince" happens to be going around looking for his donkey, and comes across a damsel-in-distress. "Saves" her, then he gets caught with all the fuss and ends up helping her restore lands to prevent an evil god from being released.

Generic story, but with all the sarcasm and witty remarks from the Prince going around isn't boring. And it helps you cope with the collecting of seeds (coins, in the sense of Mario/Sonic). Kinda a lot to collect, and it's needed to progress in the story.
"Numbers are not part of the real world; they're part of something else."

-Prof. Rolly Panopio, UPLB Math Division

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