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Mini sawa?
What is this?Ive heard about it several times but dunno what it is.(Im probably the dumbest smart person ever so please forgive me for being slow on this)
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hello there...

the MiniSawa is actually the CR-WR98L laser rifle, which fires high velocity purple laser bursts. it has 36 rounds, but the firepower is low (but decent) compared to WH04HL-KRSW hi-laser rifle.

why it is called the MiniSawa? because it fires much like the WH04HL-KRSW.


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Thanks,now I know Smile
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the raw damage output is very just around half what the karasawa can do.


it happens to be one of the most accurate weapons in last raven. this, combined with optional parts to enhance the performance of your energy weapons makes this baby a lot deadlier that it's bigger counterpart. that is why in tournaments or in online matches, its banned to have laser rifle ammo extensions. the karasawa, despite is raw power, is just basically an energy bazooka now. it's big blue bolts travel a lot slower than the 98L. since AC3, From Software gradually toned it down to what it is now.

another advantage is that it weighs less. it's half the weight of the karasawa. this gives you the option of equipping other weapons to suit your style. with the karasawa though, you have to basically build around it. your options are less.
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The 'kawaii-Sawa", as me and Nerese like to call it. Cute damage, cute beam looks, monstrous accuracy, all in one very cute little package.
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Mini-Sawa looks wicked.

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O yeah, I used this thing in NB a lot. It has a cool purple beam and a small explosion on impact, not to mention the high beam velocity. One of its weaknesses is the low ammo cap, tho.
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it pretty much has enough ammo to eat up a huge chunk of armor as long as you know when to pop those purple bolts at your opponent.
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