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The Hollow
I'm not sure if a topic like this has been done in any other AC forum since I haven't kept up with LR. However, it's one that I'd always wanted to discuss.

The Hollow:

Here's a weapon that I've liked since AC:Nexus. But in NX, I came to the conclusion that it's too unreasonably heavy. I was hoping that they would improve in the follow-ups. So here in LR, I try again.

The Hollow has decent attacking power combined with an exceptional rate of fire. Based on experience, it also seems to be really accurate. Its accuracy makes sense when one considers that the Hollow supposedly has very good muzzle velocity. Best of all, the hollow uses a very minimal amount of energy per shot. Combined with an energy efficient AC, the Hollow can practically be used without having to worry about running out of energy.

Despite all of its good qualities, the Hollow is cursed with one very major flaw: Its freakishly unreasonable weight.

Upon closer inspection, we eventually come across the Shade. Compared to the Hollow, the Shade has better attacking power while having only 6 shots less than the former. The Shade shoots slower than the Hollow. It also uses more energy per shot. However, the Shade is significantly lighter than the Hollow, considering their similar performance.

Apparently, the Hollow seems to still have the same old problems.

So what are your opinions on this matter? Is the Hollow too heavy like I think it is? Could it use a boost in attack power? If not, does it stack up with all the other laser weapons?

So what are your opinions on the said weapon?

(Btw, go ahead and use this thread to discuss other weapons that seem to be underpowered e.g. DRAGON)
the HOLLOW rocks my socks. like some other weapons, its weight can really mess up an AC build, so i usually have to build around it, not unlike the KRSW or the 81G back in NX/NB when it was still a useful human vs gun lol.

my main problem with the HOLLOW is that it feels, like you said, underpowered. the GOLGI optional part seems almost a necessity when using this gun. but its accuracy helps to make up for it, since it's the next most accurate laser rifle after the 98L mini-sawa. it's a lazy man's gun since you don't have to work too hard to time your shots to get the most out of it. i guess the lack of killpower helps to counter this.

i usually use this gun with the UL or some other core with hangers since i usually find myself running out of ammo with this gun in human vs before the match is over.

but the DRAGON is just... i dunno. i haven't yet found a practical use for it in any game mode, even with full support optional parts lol. if anyone finds out a way to use this, i'd be more than happy to hear it.
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Ditto everything.

The real beauty of the Hollow is that it can expel ammunition so quickly! Combined with the ops that increase attack power, energy weapon rate of fire, and decreased energy weapon consumption (sorry dunno the names), it does wonders. However, it's so hard to tell if that 1000+ weight is worth all the mentioned perks. Maybe a decrease of 100-200 weight is reasonable... or at least give it some more ammo to justify its weight... :sad:

As for the DRAGON, it was another weapon that I desperately wanted to use in NX. Apparently, it still sucks in LR. In NX, I made an energy efficient AC that could wield dual energy rifles. I slapped on 2 DRAGONS on it so I could call the AC Double Dragon (LOL, i know). I was really happy with how the weapon drained so little energy... unfortunately, the damage output was laughable. :sad:

I guess the DRAGON is simply a suplementary energy weapon... it's for people that desperately want to fit in an energy weapon... but then, why not use GRIFFON? Maybe if they just made DRAGON into a hangar weapon... maybe reduce its ammo and shrink its model. I dunno. LOL
hmm... i never thought of that before. i guess the DRAGON would make for an interesting hanger weapon if the weaight is decreased a little.

another (seemingly) underpowered weapon that i think deserves more recognition is the YWB05MV2 vertical missile launcher. it's heavier than its predecessor and has a higher equip drain, not to mention less killpower and less ammo. and it's a vertical launcher, which makes it useless in arenas with low ceilings.

but so what makes it so great? try it out in all other arenas and watch it shine. it's a lot more accurate than the 73MV and the 03MV and still stuns like a mofo. and, coupled with the RM3 missile extensions, makes for one of the best missile combos in the game, IMHO. i've killed a couple of whole AC's on kai a while back with just this combo. doesn't seem as great against the AI, but still pretty good.

my only gripe is that they lock on pretty slow, so the O75LA optional part is a must for this. F73H fcs seems to get the job done and i launch them two at a time instead of all three.
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Here's another underpowered gun:

The neo-RF-150 (the white rifle). Ok fine it isn't exactly underpowered. But there is nothing about it that justifies its 600+ weight... it's because of this weapon that the rifle category seems lacking. I really wanna use it but the weight is such a turn-off.
i think you're talking about the 76RA rifle? that one kicks butt. it's definately the most accurate ast rifle in the game, but you're right... the weight is definately a turn-off and accuracy doesn't seem to justify it. the 84RA2 is a lot lighter and while it is a bit less accurate, it doesn't seem to be too noticable.

another pretty good rifle is the MOLD for its high rate of fire and, most importantly, high heat infliction stat. usually not very impressive by itself, but i've noticed that when paired with the GRIFFON, it'll keep some AC's genbusted and grounded. it's not as pronouned anymore in LR, but this was a really reliable combo for me on kai back in NB.
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<!--QuoteBegin-VeilSide+Sep 11 2006, 03:55 AM--></div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (VeilSide @ Sep 11 2006, 03:55 AM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'><!--QuoteEBegin--> another (seemingly) underpowered weapon that i think deserves more recognition is the YWB05MV2 vertical missile launcher.&nbsp;

but so what makes it so great?&nbsp; try it out in all other arenas and watch it shine.&nbsp; it's a lot more accurate than the 73MV and the 03MV and still stuns like a mofo.&nbsp; and, coupled with the RM3 missile extensions, makes for one of the best missile combos in the game, IMHO. [/quote:8e4bf0d8bd]
Yes, yes, yes, I couldn't agree more. MV2 + RM3 for the win.

On the underpowered perspective though, I'd like to add that the Silky could have been an awesome energy MG (think MOA) if it wasn't for its unreasonable usage drain. 1800+ versus the 1500+ of the Hollow... and the Silky's a machinegun, therefore the need for a faster firing rate than even that of the Hollow. In the end, even an AC running Fudoh's gonna need a time-out. Now while I know that any AC using energy weaponry has got to stop firing sometime, with the Silky, it comes too soon, if you get what I mean.

Plus, with all the boosting around that you have to do, refresh on the higher capacity gens is gonna be long. Which means a long period of time of you not attacking with aforementioned crappy gun.

With all the energy usage in one match, 1800+ drain to every round is definitely not worth it. Sayang. If only they made it 1500 or lower. The damage is already low enough (or just about right), I don't see any reason as to why they couldn't make the drain right too. Oh wait... yes I can. OP-I AIs. Tongue

Damn it From.

P.S. I have another one... the Ettin. Haha
I'd vote the SATYROS as an underrated and under used weapon, the missiles travel fast, do a fair amount of damage and hit fairly often at the right range and at the right launch.

I'm also experimenting on the dual back mount, straight fire missile launchers (Jack-O's dual backmount, the name escapes me at the moment + GAR/2 extensions) and found out they might have potential use as a hard hitting 'surprise' weapon with relations. There's a trick to using them properly, hard to explain but my conclusion is that this missile system in LR is skill based, meaning that they're not really designed to be spam weapons requiring right timing and range to use properly. My staple heavy is armed with that dual backmount weapon now after vs testing last saturday found that dual verts are ineffective against mobile opponents on open arenas (just walk foward, and your safe!).

There's a good discussion in RH on different missile systems where I recommend some reading. I also want your opinions on ground torps in LR against human VS (sadly I wasn't able to test a design last meeting).

Agreed with the HOLLOW, I'd use the gun on the same level as the 98RL or SHADE if its weight droped to 800-900 WPs and given 110 ammo (a more balanced version of its AA counterpart)
Dragons... Darn one of the weakest weapons in the game... Even when dual wielded...

Pero... It has good weight, ammo stores and firing rate... Sana ginawa na lang nilang storable to... because may work best as a hanger weapon...

I use it yes... If I want a little thrill, and is coupled with harpy2's...

In my opinion... Having the name dragon, it really doesn't stand up to its name...

Ground torpedos against peeps? Hindi yun masyadong effective, all they do is jump forward, miss yung missiles... They don't deal damage when they hit as full torpedos either... Pero, it's a good distraction, combined with harpies or centaurs... I know kasi, one of my staples -Absolute Zero- has GT extensions...

Their idea for the GT's are Ok, but they can improve it more, sayang lang kasi LR na talaga yung last AC game nila sa PS2.

Echinda and Echidna2 are probably one of the least used, kasi madaling ilagan...
I use it, as rockets... 7.8k+Ap in one hit, 4k+ na lang... Saan ka pa? And if it do miss, It will deploy a volley of micro missiles... I love echidna2...
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I love the Hollow. It's a nice rifle and it packs well if combined with lower tier weapons like Ghast or Nymphe + relation missles. I use it with the 98E or E2 core + Ghast or Nymphe then Urchins if you get too close. XD
Another underpowered and ineffective missile pack...Stealth missiles...Hai...Nung una ko to nakita sa AC3 sabi ko "Waw astig!Stealth!" tapos nung sinubukan ko na,"Ay wa wenta...Ganun din...Madaling iwasan...".Amfufu...Sana kung ndi affected ng missile interference or AMS,sana man lang maganda ung velocity.."EH HINDI EH",parang ganun?Amfufu...To think na napakahirap kunin nung DRYAD2 sa Silent Line(uu ndi DRYAD pangalan nito sa SL,alam ko)...Ah well,so much for this "beautiful idea"... :sad:

P.S. Sorry if it's in Filipino when all the other posts are generally in english....Nagmamadali...=p
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Tsong, don't EVER apologize for speaking/posting in Filipino. This is a Filipino forum after all. Sorry nga lang kung panay english ako kasi sakin, mas sanay lang akong mag explain in english... haha. And though I usually post in english, I highly encourage everyone to post more in Filipino! National pride, people. :wink:
Hehe... Magsorry ba naman na nagpost ng filipino sa isang filipino forum...

Anyways... May ginawa akong AC using the hollow... Huli kung kinabit yun... And hell! Parang mas trip ko yata yun kesa sa Shade ah... Puchit na firing rate yan!

But still~~ It is heavy... Huling beses ko ngang ginamit yun eh sa NB sa accuracy test...
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How about the Empusa's? Noong panahon ng SL, they own. Pero ngayon sa LR, iba na. Ang tagal ng lock-speed nila. Hindi ko pa siya nagagamit vs. humans, pero what do yo guys think about it?
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Seems to me that the HYDRA got nerfed. It pretty much ruled in the PSone era (X201 wasn't it?) and in next-gen ACS until Silent Line. I used these babies to take down Stinger and Necron in PP and MOA. The massive weapon and massive MT in AC3 went down easily with one pack strapped to my back.

Now, i can' even bring myself to use it.

Before, the missiles would split up halfway to the target, with a hit percentage of at least 75% (three warheads out of four would connect) but now, the missiles generally split up right near the target and the warheads would slam into the ground in front of it. In the case of aerial foes, the warheads would miss completely. I don't know if its just my FCS choices or weapon set-up but i can't seem to use it as efficiently as i did long ago.
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