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Iron Man
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I'm not really interested in the game itself but I just found its similarity to AC4 really amusing.

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And here's the game's reception, according to Wikipedia:

"Iron Man was critically panned for frustrating controls, lackluster graphics, and repetitive gameplay, with Eurogamer awarding it 3/10[4] and IGN 3.8/10[5]. X-Play, a video game review show, gave it a 2/5. The review aggregating site Gamerankings currently shows the highest rated version as that of the DS, with 56%[6], and the lowest rated that of the PS3, with 40%[7]."

Doesn't sound all too different from Armored Core, noh? Laughing


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05-14-2008 05:28 PM
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I gave it a try on my PSP a few days ago. Didn't stay with it for too long.

The controls are weird. You use the directional buttons to go forwards and backwards and strafe from side to side. That's easy. What's hard is that they used the face buttons to make you look up, down, turn left and right. It's pretty confusing even after some time of play.

The only part I really wanted to play was the flying bit, and that they managed to capture a bit of what the movie had in terms of thrill. It was fun for a while, flying in afterburner mode. But then I realized the majority of the game would have more of the shooting (read: boring) bits, so I promptly erased it from my memory stick.

Note that the game on other platforms may actually be better.



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05-14-2008 06:18 PM
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