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The Philippine Flag
Should this be at General Discussion? Anyway...

Found this while reading at
Law on how to sing the national anthem widely ignored

This is the guy's reference:
"Numbers are not part of the real world; they're part of something else."

-Prof. Rolly Panopio, UPLB Math Division
I applaud his efforts.

We should have more people like that.
Yeah it greatly ticks me off too when people continue walking around while the national anthem plays. -_-
its a sad reality patriotism is more of a luxury these days
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*deleted because cringe*
clonezero Wrote:its a sad reality patriotism is more of a luxury these days

Sa manlulupig,
Di ka pasisiil

To the conquerors,
You shall never surrender

...With this government?
Just throw cash its way and the country is yours.
We even have a thread about it here.

May dilag ang tula at awit
Sa paglayang minamahal

There is splendor in the poem and song
of beloved freedom

Freedom? really? LOL
Ask the journalists and the activists.

Aming ligaya, na 'pag may mang-aapi
Ang mamatay nang dahil sa 'yo.

I'd say 1 in every 10-20 Filipinos will be willing to die for the country. That's a conservative estimate. Nobody is feeling very Nationalistic these days. We should all look up to GMA's husband, who flies to HK at the first sign of trouble.

My point is if you're not going to stand and respect the anthem, at least have a good reason to do so. We aren't short of reasons. Not standing because you're eating (as in the article) is being willfully ignorant and a waste of space.
*raises hands* amen amen raise the roof XD
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*deleted because cringe*

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