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Introductions: The Original Thread
Hello sa lahat! OK, so tulad nga nang sinabi sa title, pang-introductions ito. Ako na magsisimula:

Name: Mix
ACO Username: Grimlok
Birthday: November 14
Location: Antipolo, Rizal
Hobbies: Basketball, playing video games, sculling
Favorite AC Game: It's a 3-way tie between Another Age, Silent Line, and Last Raven.
Hahaha ako pinakaunang member. Second nga lang magpost. Anyway here goes:

ACO name: Divine Horse
Bday: 6/6/1990
Fav AC game: AC:MOA din
Hobbies: Computer games, nothing more, and nothing less.
Location: Philippines
fav AC type: Lightweights

EDIT: wahh third member n pala ako Sad
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ako pang ilan ako :tongue:

My Data
Real Name: Mark Anthony Abaya Aguado
Age: 19
Birthdate: Oct 9, 1986
Location: Pasay City

ACO and RR Identity: Azuma-Blade
Most Used Cores: Infinity MK1, Infinity MK2
Hobbies: Manood ng anime, maglaro ng Dota at Armored core, makinig ng anime soundtrack
First AC game: Armored Core
Favorite AC game: AC MOA..... sarap paglaruan si Ultimate 9-ball hahaha
Classification: Self-Proclaimed God ng Dota hahahaha
Name: Alvin Francis Ra
[Image: upeo113pr8.gif]


"I am more of a Teacher rather than a Pilot"
Name: Martin Josef V. Taroy
ACO identity: Black Dragon
B-Day: July 14, 1989
Location San Mateo, Rizal (sayang malayo ako kay Grimoire, sa kabilang dulo kami LOL )

Fave games: AC, Ace Combat, Devil May Cry etc (madami eh)
[Image: nines.jpg]

ACG identity: maitreyasoul (sorry po, hindi ako nagpopost sa ACO Tongue)
Bday: Oct 30, 1985
Location: Muntinlupa
Occupation: College student
Dream: Be(e) happy. At, makalaban ng ibang tao sa AC. LOL!
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OK, newbie member here.

Hello people!

Real Name: Anthony Palafox
Age: 22
Birthdate: 01/19/84 (nope, di pala ako pinakamatanda, hehehe)
Location: Fort Bonifacio.
Occupation: bum

Identity (sorry, no ACO account): Ghost, Fox, Thirdfox(Gamefaqs)
Fave core type: OB models
AC likes: micro-missiles, strafe-boosting while spamming machine-gun fire, picking on lower-ranked arena ACs.
AC dislikes: death-from-above specialists, PYTHON+LAMIA2 Zinaida in Last Raven,
First AC game: Project Phantasma (actually it was AC1 but my copy kept quitting on me so i just switched to PP)
Fave AC games: Master of Arena and AC3.........not too sure about LR just yet.

Hobbies: sci-fi novels, bulding gundam models, sleeping.
Music: Punk, Progressive and Hardcore.
Video games: Cars, aircraft and mechs with the occasional RPG thrown in.
Movies/TV: mecha anime(Robotech, Gundam, etc), sci-fi stuff (Dune, Star Wars, Aliens, etc) and historical epics (Braveheart, Gladiator, etc).

EDIT: Jeez, i really sound like a noob here. Tongue
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Maybe I should have posted here first... hahah. Pero siguro better late than never

Real Name: "Nix" Torres
Age: 20
Birth date: January 29
Location: Alabang. Kaya sana, not too north ang mga assembly... hahah.

Internet Identity: NiArghwhenever available). You can find me in
First AC Game: Project Phantasma.
Fave AC Class: Midweight Biped.
AC likes: Rifles, Ammo packs, loads of Surplus EP, Death-from-above tactics... haha
AC dislikes: Last Raven and its lack of variety.
Fave AC games:
1. Silent Line
2. MOA

Hobbies: Drawing, shopping
Music: Music from any genre EXCEPT hiphop and country.
Favorite Video games:
1. Armored Core... all of them
2. StarCraft
3. Samurai Showdown IV
4. Tekken 5
Rookie raven here..

Real Name: Jolly Salvado (Lame name is'nt it)
Age: 24
Birth date: March 25, 1982
Location:Laloma Quezon City

AC Identity

Raven Name: Duo Maxwell
AC's:Currently working on new designs for tourney (from what I heard from Jay, Pilot's from Raven rep are tough as nails, so I'm redesigning..)

Favorite games:

AC Series
Tekken Series
and many games more..

Other hobbies besides gaming:

Collecting Jap culture(Anime, Plastic models, Music, etc..)
PC modding

Currently working my but to death, and recently lost time playing games..
I think my skill's are getting rusty(have'nt played AC for 2 months already),
think I'll skip joining the tourney(funny cuz I'll be hosting it at my place LOL )
have'nt had the time to play(working sucks :sad: )
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you won't be able to live as yourself.
You will sacrifice all your happiness for the world.. Eternally..
(Last words to Zero - Lelouch Vi Britania)

real name: eleazar lina
aco name :king_tiger
age: 22 (23 na sa november)
birthdate: nov 17, 1983
location : bacoor,cavite

ac class: heavyweight tank ac
favorite weapons: grenade launcher,plasma canon
ac game: ac,acpp,acmoa,ac2,ac2aa,ac3,acnx,acnb,aclr

currently nag work din me pero my tyme pa para makapglaro ng ac kahit once a week lang hahanap din ng makakalaban sa ac tagal na rin me walang kalaban eh e2 num ko kung gusto nyo 09157438649 txt na lng kau
if you know yourself and your enemy you will never fear the results of a hundred battles if you know yourself but not the enemy for every victory you will suffer a defeat if you dont know yourself neither your enemy you will lose at every battle.<br />sun tzu, the art of war
*Begin Databurst*
Name: magnet20
Location: NC, USA
Age: 15
Screen Names:
-GFax: magnet20
-UT99: XA-26483
-CS Source: XA-26483
-EVE: Magnet20, XA-26483, 1337 Command

Fav AC Core: Light, Middleweight
AC Likes: MGs, Micro Missiles, DFA Tactics, LX
AC Dislikes: Infinite Condenser Capacity, Bazookas, parry blades, LX, Generator Crashes
AC Games Played: AC2, AA, AC3, SL, Nx, LR
Ac Games Owned: AC3, LR
Favorite Games:
-AC (all)
-Homeworld (1 and 2)
-Counter Strike
-Halo 2

Hobbies: Band, EVE online, Computers
Occupation: Full time student
Favorite Video Game Charachter: CABAL
*End Databurst* :ph43r:
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el capitan wanzerfreak doesn't need introductions but what the heck...

Real Name: Muhammad
Usernames: WZR FREAK Mk113 - gfaqs, wanzerfreak or "el_capitan_wanzerfreak" on everywhere else.

Age: 24
Birthday: August 14, 1982
Location: General Santos City
Hobbies: games, game, games
Occupation: junior-grade medical transcriptionist

favorite games:

front mission series
ring of red
velvet file
armored core series
homeworld 1-2
mechwarrior 4: vengeance (sinong may MW4: mercs? pahiram naman o. Big grin )
ogrebattle/tactics ogre
tekken series
ace combat series

favorite ac classes: heavy bipeds and heavy quads.
playing style: rush.
FRONT MISSION FOR LIFE.<br><img src='' border='0' alt='user posted image' /><br><i>RATATATATATATATATATATATA!!!</i>

Real Name: Ronn Filip M. Adriano
Nickname: Ron..
Username: Hellhound, Hatsugen"ragna :tongue:" & Finch"ACO"
Age: 18
Birth Date: June 30, 1988
Location: Tondo, Manila

Favorite Games:
Magic The Gathering..
Tekken "Raven & Lei"
ATC online "Deff"
Ran online "Dex. Type Archer"
DOTA "Int & Agi types"
many more...

YEAH!!!!!! MISSILE! MISSILE! MISSILE!!!!!!! :bigsmile:

Likes: Sonic, MISSILES, FLCL, Samurai Showdowns, Myth, my PC LOL, MISSILES!, RABBITS!, guitar & my drum sticks.. ANSIbombs ^_____^

Hobbies: Playing guitar, My PC and Ps2 Games, Practicing drumming skills.. wathing the clouds :tongue: "just like shikamaru nara" etc...

Music: Rock... The Pillows xD

Movies: HORROR..

Anime: FLCL, Naruto, NINJA Robots :bigsmile: , DNAngel.. One Piece..

About Me: Silent... but deadly.. :ph43r:
<center><img src='' border='0' alt='user posted image'> </center><br><b><i>"Distorted, blended, dissolved, flow away
Follow the path that penetrates the sky
Without ending."</i></b>
Name: Paolo Alcabaza (incomplete)
Nickname: Cholo
A.k.a: Antlan (game name)
Age: 17
Birth Date: October 3, 1989
Location: Tondo, Manila
College: PLM
Preferred ACs: light weight humanoids
Preferred Weapons: Blade over guns
Preferred Battles: Long term melee combat!

"Hack and slash to smitherins"

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