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The Cool and Sexy parts thread!
Lagay nyo lang dito yung mga Parts na sa tingin nyo eh Cool at Sexy para sa inyo.
Explain nyo na rin kung bakit... Pero, one of each lang.

Sting- Cool Head. I've played MoA, at dun to unang lumabas as HD-4004...
Tried it, loved it, got attached to it. Kaya nung lumabas to sa LR, nagtatalon sa tuwa ang lolo nyo!

Icarus- Sexy Core. Nagustuhan ko yung pagiging rounded nya. Kahit medyo may
konting flaws, ginagamit ko pa rin... even if I don't OB. sayang slots eh.

CR-A88FG- Cool Arms. First time I used this is back in NB, sa Accuracy Test. These are probably the lightest and most agile arm set in the game...
Bakit sa tingin ko cool sya? Kasi sobrang simple ng design nya.

Cougar2- Cool Legs. Bakit cool? Kasi, it looks tough... hanggang dun nga lang. But it has good stats like weight capacity and ground speed. Yun ang mga nagustuhan ko.

Ayus din kung ilalagay nyo yung mga weapons na sa tingin nyo eh C&S, pero katulad ng ibang parts, one per category lang... Di ko kasi to pwdeng gawing poll eh... Haba kasi.
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Head:SR2...Kc kamuka nya ung head ni Ares sa AC2,fave ku yun eh.

Core:Helios...Dahil sa itsura,at dahil OB.Kaso paper ang def stats.

Arms:LANGUR...Kc blader arm to...Mwehehe...

Legs:VIXEN...Kc sexy tignan,kaso ndi sya ganun ka useful.

Sa weapon...RL,kc eto na ata ang pinakaastig ang itsura next sa KARASAWA ng AC2.
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Hmm... let me see:

Heads: Queen, Cicada, Eye2
Cores: Gaea, Rakan, Helios, Eos (serious about that one, Eos is teh sexay Tongue)
Arms: S3, Macaques
Legs: Dingo, 89F, Panther, Jaguar
Weapons(!): RS, 76S, Karasawa

As you can see, it's dominated by Mirage, and with good reason. The 89F legs rock in the design though, one of the designs from Crest I actually find appealing to the eyes. Speaking of eyes, Eye3 has got to win the award for worst looking part. ^^,

towhooks everywhere! very sexy.
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Based on looks alone:

Heads: Eye, Eye2, Eye4, Drone, Sting
Cores: Helios, Uranus, Icurus, Atlas
Arms: XS, 8FG
Legs: 052, Cougar2, Jaguar2

That's about it.
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If it's about appearance, here's the list:

Head: Mantis
Core: Cronus (also useful, lol)
Arms: Loris (broken, but whatever)
Legs: Vixen (I don't really use it much)

If it's about the stats, here's the list:

Head: S4 (Exceptional overall stats)
Core: 98E (I love it's EO)
Arms: XS (Low energy drain arm)
Legs: PANTHER (it has a reasonable AP for it's leg type)
QUEEN, EYE3 (uy, Virtual-On LOL ) SR2, DRONE
HELIOS, UL (the old one)

Kung weapons: GERYON3 at NIX, lalao na yung GERYON3, na-miss ko na yun. Pinalakas pa! Shades
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I dig the neo-ORCA and the neo-RAY core parts (sorry about the circa-AC3 names... I'm unfamiliar with the new ones). Combined with the a good looking head, such as Queen, the XS arms, and this certain lightweight biped leg (can't remember the name... probably the JAGUAR), you can make an AC that looks like a Battroid Mode Variable Fighter (Not a surprising thing since Shoji Kawamori is the mecha designer for both AC and Macross. LOL I'm such a fanboy). Slap on that MG with the slanted magazine and a solid arm shield for full effect. VF-19, anyone? Hahah.
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