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Most badass things you did as a child
Goatling Wrote:I'm not sure, but I think Fox is also Crimson.

Care to elaborate? If you check your memories, Crim's on the other side of the ocean and i've already met you in person. Tongue

strawhat_luffy Wrote:
Lunar Wrote:I even had a phase back in 2nd yr HS that my friends and I would cut classes just to hang out in a secluded spot behind the canteen. We did at least one afternoon per week until one of the sikyu's reported us. Just don't ask what stuff we did there. Big grin


My thoughts exactly. I'll just let my imagination run wild (and writers tend to have very, very expansive imaginations) if you're not gonna provide further details. Roll eyes
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."
You guys both like fire. You guys like burning people.

Baka puro yosi at marijuana ang pinaggagawa nila diyan. Tongue
After reading all of that - my childhood seems boring LOL
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Actually, your life's quite exciting in my point of view...
'Signatures are overrated.'
it only seems boring because you're always in 5th gear, HayWire. LOL
clonezero Wrote:
Lunar Wrote:Guess I'm not all that different from you guys at all.

now the question stands is that a good thing or a bad thing XD

I'd say it's a bad thing, since no one expects someone of my gender to behave like this. No problems with me anyway, I just tell others to go screw themselves if they approach me about it.

Haywire, you only get to see how exciting you acted when you get older. Things always slow down as you age so just wait a few years and you'll see laugh at the things you did as a kid. Wink
I hate the way you talk to me. And the way you cut your hair.
I hate the way you drive my car. I hate it when you stare.
I hate your big dumb combat boots And the way you read my mind.
I hate you so much it makes me sick — It even makes me rhyme.
I hate the way you're always right. I hate it when you lie.
I hate it when you make me laugh — Even worse when you make me cry.
I hate it that you're not around. And the fact that you didn't call.
But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you — Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.
So now may I ask what you did back then at that secluded spot? Para kumpleto yung kwnto Big grin
Back in Grade 1 I think, "cutting classes" inside the classroom. Played with a classmate of mine in the back of the room.
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Nakikipaglaro ako sa mga kaklase ko. Matataya na ako ng isa kong kaklase, kaya tumalon ako ng hagdanan at naglanding ako sa 2nd floor galing 3rd floor. Nabalian ng buto at 1 month disabled.
[Image: cookiewithborder.jpg]
Har Har.

Elementary grade. I had a knack for seasonings and stuff, so tuwing kakain ako sa canteen meron nun.

Pretty simple to make, just add all in containter and MIX.

Now for the ingredients.
1.Soy sauce
2.Vinegar(the usual type, datu puti?)
3.Fish sauce(oo, PATIS.)
4.Ketchup(eww already? it's the CHEAP kind. Now say eww.)
5.Lots of pepper. Black ground pepper
6.A spoonful of salt
7.A cup of rice(yung malagkit-lagkit pa at bagong luto?)
8.Any fried item from the canteen (alangan namang sinigang. eww.)
9.If it's your lucky day, they put some Oyster Sauce in the condiments section. Yum.

Itadaki--eww. LOL
Berto I think thats more of "the most jack - ass things you have done as a child" anyway dun ako maraming kwento...

during my grade school days me and a friend of mine made a hobby of braking concrete block just for fun and as those only come out when something gets constructed we get shouted at a lot XD

later we resorted to another way of having fun ... tearing soda cans with our hands ... we actually got a technique to do it safely and effectively ... I personnaly used it to get the last drops of soda out of the can...

lat and also something more of jack - ass than bad -ass we when to a convenience store near our school to buy some candy and came across a an article which fasinated us ... which later we would know as cutter blade refills ... we bought a couple and proceeded to emulate wolverine ... lets just say we needed his healing ability after that...

Most badass thing I did as a child, huh..?

There was this time in 2nd grade when these guys from 4th grade tried to gang up on me me and I still held my own alone, until two of my friends came to assist. I ended up getting chummy with them 4th graders after the incident, which made it kinda cool. ^^
I just remembered something during my childhood days:

I was studying in a school aka "Mount SAC/Sac" near my area of residence from Kindergarten to the 1st grade of Elementary level. They really had some good stuff regarding teaching children fluent English the easy, but effective way. It had a small institute in the Philippines (w/c afaik is gone now), but there was something wrong with the disciplinary methods made by the school; the younger students will fucking get their clothes stripped and be told off to stand at a corner, either partially naked (with undies) or fully naked at the bottom. Not to mention it's coed. Just because we were kids at that time doesn't mean it's okay, I can even recall most of the girls (and some of the boys) crying as days went by since their of disciplinary action. There was also a parent-teacher conference regarding this, but I dunno wtf happened afterwards.

Anyway, during my last stay there (1st Grade); we, the kids we are, can never avoid getting sweaty during recess because we used to play a lot of outdoor stuff back then. This asshole Disciplinary Officer gave us a warning that if we were to be sweaty after our break period, we'd get our clothes stripped in the middle of the fucking quadrangle. The problem is, while some of us played and some of us didn't, the whole fucking place was steaming with hot, fucking humid air. We were lined up to get our pants stripped outside; there were no considerations from what I remember, because I was about to get mine stripped when I didn't play at all (fuck i just took a little walk and watched the others play).

One teacher decided to tried to pull my shorts off when it was my turn, and I resisted as much as I could (lol protect your dignity!). Then around two more teachers assisted that teacher and proceeded to strip me off (maybe they're all pedophiles). I went rage mode and slapped/hit their arms as strong as I could. They stopped and backed away from me after a few hits. Then my tutor saw what happened, hugged me, then told me to get back to the classroom asap, so I got in. I looked back, and saw her scolding the teachers and that fucking discipline officer (who, i heard, has already moved to the US).

At the end of that school semester, I switched schools because my mom was informed about this (by my tutor, i believe; i'm not exactly the kind of person who tells on stuff). I didn't know wth happened to my other classmates after that, but the school had been closed off after a while (because the land owner died, and his family wanted to use it for different reasons).

If by chance the teachers read this though (idiots were growing crazy at my name because it was 'unique', so they'd surely remember me), here's what I have to say, "Fuck you and your lack of common sense as a teacher. I still doubt you've finally developed finally yours these days anyway. You're probably one of them blind CBCP fucks by now LOL LOL LOL !!!"
When I was around second grade I was hanging out at a small creek/canal with a friend. We were sitting on a small bridge maybe around three or four feet above the canal. I thought how it would suck if someone fell into the canal, so I stood up and shoved my friend down. Then I ran like hell back home coz I knew his father was this bear of a man. I locked the gate and hid in my room. The only other person in our house at the time was my yaya who was asleep so when my friend's dadbear came no one answered him. My parents never got word of this XD

There used to be a large vacant lot near our house where we kids hanged out. One time in third grade I was passing time there pretending to play golf with an arnis stick and aluminum cans. It so happens the neighborhood bully was also playing there. He got ticked off at me so he came at me. Thing is I was taller and larger than him so I just put my hand on his head and kept him away. The other guys just started laughing and eventually the bully stopped and settled with just shouting and threatening me. I dunno why I didn't just beat him with the arnis stick tho. I just went home when he stopped trying to hit me.

Madalas nung bata ako, pagnababadtrip ako kinukuha ko yung itak namin sa bahay. Tapos uupo ako sa labas ng bahay namin at tatawagin ko yung mga nangbadtrip sa akin. Madalas rin nagagalit nanay ko sa akin kasi tinataga ko yung mga halaman nya sa labas ng bahay habang bad-trip ako.

Not really bad ass but in third grade I got into a fight with my sister. I couldn't find our bolo/itak coz my mom hid it so I settled for a kitchen knife. My sis got a broom. I took a few swings but my sis hit me on my wrist and took the knife from me. She managed to knick me on my right thumb before my mom came. My mom thought I was stabbed coz I placed my thumb on my shirt to stop the bleeding. The scar is still slightly visible.

Fourth grade, I was playing hide and seek with some friends. I was hiding between cars in a parking area when one of the watchman's dogs appeared. Behind me was a wall around twice my height. I shouted for help, my mom and my sister as the dog growled and stepped closer. When it started to charge I climbed that fucking wall like spiderman. I have not been able to climb a wall like that again ever.

But the most badass thing for me happened when I was two. Fell down a whole flight of stairs and landed on my head, then I got up like nothing happened. Fuck Yeah.
This was pretty recent, like a year or so ago, but adolescence can still be considered childhood right o3o?

I came home from an outing of some sort (I can't remember what) one day and found that I didn't bring along my keys that would unlock the bedrooms of the house, so basically all I had going for me was the living room. I contemplated on what the hell I would do for the next, oh, seven hours before my sisters or my parents came home with their keys, since I basically only had the clothes on my back and not even my sketchpad. I decided to sleep, which lasted for about ten minutes, before I went insane and frantic, and I had to find a way to get inside the bedrooms where the sweet sanctuary of either my computer or my sketchpad awaited.

So here's the good part. I went outside and tried at the doors and windows of the bedrooms. Unfortunately, they were all locked. But then I remembered the loft's window might be open. Ah, and by the way the loft is like a pseudo second floor, since it doesn't really encompass the entire house. So, I went to the backyard and tried to think of what to do. I saw, beside my Rottweiler, its old cage when it was still a puppy and a bucket that was as tall as my legs. Going for it, I stacked these two items together and tried to get grab of the ledge that would lead me to the lower roof that was just outside the loft's window. It was still too far though, so I did what I had to. I jumped a la Assassin's Creed and hoisted myself up to the roof. This was the first part of one 'badass' thing I did as a child.

Now, probably about three to four meters from the ground below, I went for the window. Surprise surprise, it was locked. I went back to the ledge and looked down. I tried to see if I could maybe ease myself onto the bucket. Nope, too far, I might miss it and splinter my shins on the metal cage. I looked around and contemplated about jumping onto the branch of our giant mango tree. Nope, too far as well. So I stood at the edge with the wind at my back (dramatization, allow me to indulge XD), and breathed in deeply. If I made it out of this alive, I promised to keep my keys in my wallet for as long as I lived. I jumped off the rooftop, and landed in the grassy area of the backyard, alive and with no sprains or broken anythings. That was the second 'badass' thing I did on that day.

I called my sister and asked if she could let our driver bring back her set of keys. She allowed it, and that was the end of that.

Trying to remember anything else earlier in my childhood I might have done. Sorry for the long post o3o

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