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Most badass things you did as a child
So as to move some traffic away from the rant rave topic.

When I was in 1st grade, I was so pissed off at a classmate that I stored an hour's worth of saliva in my mouth. I then proceeded to spit the lot on my classmate. I got sent to the principal afterwards, obviously. LOL

Feel free to brag.
Hm. This guy I didn't like very much was sleeping when I got this bright idea.

I wrote a giant FUCK ME
\ ./ (down arrow)

...spanning from one shoulder to the other, in permanent marker pen, on his back. Shifty I almost got suspended for that. Not very smart. Was grade 6 afaik.
Sabi sakin ng nanay ko may sinakal daw akong bata nung kinder ako. Nagselos daw yata ako nung binebeybi ng yaya ko yung isang kaklase ko. LOL
I once stabbed a classmate in the hand with a ballpen in kindergarten. It created a deep gouge wound which proceeded to bleed quite profusely. I got sent home that instant and my parents were notified about it.

What can I say? The guy was getting on my nerves.

He lived, don't worry.

EDIT: Wow I just read the newest posts in the rant/rave topic. Seems a lot of people here got stabbed already haha.
Burned someone intentionally with a heated spoon at the shoulder.
I was so scolded for that.

Astig yung ginawa ni Sforzando ha.
Astig yun. Astig.

Something similiar I did is write with a black ballpen sa bluse nung kaklase ko.
Muntik na ako ibitin ng patiwarik ng tatay nya. Grabe.

Both incidents happened before Grade 5.
'Signatures are overrated.'
Hahah, just when I thought wala akong ginawang masama as a kid, here goes.

There was this girl nung grade 2 ata ako or third grade. Remember that <i>sundot sa pwet</i> move that was so common back then? Yeah, i did that. To a girl. Here's the punchline though.

I hit her where no man should ever do that to a girl. You do the math.

Didn't cost her her virginity though. lol
Hahahah Shintetsu para kang anime ah. Hahah
shiraki01 Wrote:There was this girl nung grade 2 ata ako or third grade. Remember that <i>sundot sa pwet</i> move that was so common back then? Yeah, i did that. To a girl.

I'd thought of many times of doing that, but I couldn't bring myself to it. LOL
LOL. Shintetsu attacked the wrong hole.
Kumbaga sa Golf, Walang score yun.
'Signatures are overrated.'
@_@ goodness now thats something I wonder whats she's gonna do to you when you see her again XD

Di lang ako pinansin. Parang hinihintay na lumapit ako bago gumanti. xD

Hope she doesn't do that on my part of the bargain, or else daig ko pa nagpa surgery sa prostate. ><
What's up with everyone's fascination with stabbing someone else? Seems like almost all of us did it. In my case, it was back in the first grade. Got into an argument with another kid over some cartoon or whatnot. It ended up with my #3 pencil rammed into his left forearm, him getting sent to the clinic and me dragged off to the principal's office by the two largest guys in class.

Brutal as that may sounds, i don't consider that as the most badass thing i've ever done as a kid. There was one time that i kicked a classmate right in the mouth during a melee back in the fourth grade. All the teachers were away at a meeting, leaving us bored and forced to read some lessons. It was near summer, and being young and stupid, some fool started a fight that eventually grew to a huge brawl that involved all 3 sections. Now, Jackie Chan's films were popular back then (i just watched one the previous weekend) so i joined in by taking a flying leap off the teacher's desk and introduced my foot to another guy's jaw. Result - fell flat on my butt, my hapless random victim lost a couple of teeth and all participants were ordered to spend the next three day's worth of recess sorting out the school's garbage.

At least he never saw who the kick came from. Hah!

Now in recent years, i think it was in Ilocos after my first year of college, a cousin and i decided to douse a chicken with some leftover kerosene and lit the bird with a match. Imagine seeing a deranged version of a phoenix running, flying and squawking all over the yard with it's entire body aflame, all the while my cousin and I were howling with laughter. Our aunt gave us hell but i can still clearly picture that fowl as it roasted to death. The laughs were well worth the scolding.

Yep, i am indeed a psycho. Tongue
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."
That was so beautifully written, Mr. Palafox. I loved it to bits.
my god Fox, that made me cry.

from laughing too hard XD

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