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Parry blades in AC3, AC3SL and NX, NB, LR
Before NX was released, when I played AC3 and AC3SL, I tried to use parry blades for fun, attack power and attack heat. It's kinda hard to use that you have to measure the range between you and your enemy...

... But blade tracking made it easier for me. You can just blade your enemy to follow 'blade track' then use your parry blade when you're close enough.

Since the blade tracking system was removed in Nexus, NB, and LR. Well now I dunno how to use parry blades well. All I can do now is OB then measure the length and hope it hits my target.

Well, now... don't you use parry blades?

If you do post why and how do you use it.

If you don't, well it's okay to post, but just tell me why you don't use it. :tongue:
I miss blade tracking now that you mentioned it... :sad:

Tried using PBs, the most important things to use it is timing and anticipation. It is most effective in LR, where it can render an opponent helpless (because of their potential part breaking)

But it's still hard to use for me :ph43r:

But <a href='' target='_blank'>this</a> guy... Is scary, though it might be a different circumstance if he fought a human player, he's still good :ph43r:
[Image: nines.jpg]
Yeah, I saw that guy's vids.

I love how he pawns Lucifer. XD
I do parry blade, once in a while. Magandang break from all the blading. Strap on an OB core, and boom! patay ang kalaban. XD

It's all about the timing, see. Trigger mo yung PB around a second before approaching the enemy. Of course it's all dependent on how far you really are from the other AC, but relatively speaking it's about that long.

With OB however, the allowance gets shorter, since you'll be covering a lot more ground in a lot less time. Usually I pop the PB after the OB charge phase.

The only parry blade I use is the Rasetsu. 20 strikes is the most logical choice, after all. The Enma and Nioh have too few ammuntion to be viable in a real PvP situation, especially if your opponent knows you're packing a parry blade and will do most anything to get away.

<a href='' target='_blank'>Here,</a> this should teach us a few things or so. XD
Naka OP-I nga lang siya though, but it's still goooood.
tama si godhand sa parry blades... ahehehe timing of the blade kse... there is a charge time with that plus you need to foresee san yung kalaban at position mo para kabitan mo ng parry blade... sakit nga eh... 20 shot parry blade rocks... Sorry NX lang me nagumpisa mag laro so di ko lam pano yung blade tracking thing ahehehehe...
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The Nioh saved my butt from Etzam Nar... Thrice!
It's a little hard to use them, that's why you can easily make use of an AI's greatest stupidity...
Some of them actually get trapped in 45 degree angle walls~!
Making them easily cornered and stabbed to death...
In contrast to some, I use either Nioh or Enma for my parry blades...
Unfortunately, I find them useful for just fighting AI...
Pag sa tao gamiti tong dalawang to, ikaw ang AI sa kanila as in...
LOL ASA INI~! Hehe...
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In another topic [about using right arm blades], i wrote about using 2 parrying blades instead

so >>

But yes...its too difficult to use. And no, i don't.
I think its good for Big MT's and a ace who knows to master the parrying...

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