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Armored Core OSTs
San daw makaka DL ng OST's ng AC sabi ng kaibigan ko......pati may hinahanap den akong track maganda dati dko lang ma aalala anung Armored Core baka nexus....tunog bloc party eh

anyway yun lang salamat!Salute

There you go. They have all the AC soundtracks until AC:Ninebreaker.

The best OST overall in my opinion though is the one for AC:Nexus. That's probably the one you're looking for.

Here are other sources for game music:

Uy salamat NIX! Salute
nag leave ka agad sa chat haha...hindi kita napansin kasi nag DDL nako ng mp3's haha

salamat ah!
Armored Core OST is the best ever. Hands down.

Oh btw... can anyone remember the name of the song that plays during the demo in Armored Core?

I can finally DL the Title Screen Music for LR. Thanks LOTS Nix! XD
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LOL yeah that's the only worthwhile LR track. LOL
yung sa opening ng armored core masters of arena?

9 yung title nun
pwede mo marinig sa youtube yun

here's the link
ano ang title ng song sa LR, yung sa title screen?

At nix anong song sa AC:Nexus ang maganda?
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No idea what the LR title track is. LR soundtrack is crap. LOL

Nexus... well you can start with Shining and Autobahn. But most are good. The AC3 and Silent Line tracks are pretty epic too.
(03-12-2010, 07:57 PM)enjoyincubus Wrote: ano ang title ng song sa LR, yung sa title screen?

I'll answer that: 5 Point Five

The only other track that's worth the download would be "The Game" that play in your AC garage.
thanks medusa

i actually downloaded all the tracks, would only just listen each of its first few seconds. Now i know why i missed it out. The song in the title screen starts with just the guitar and the one with the download starts with a mixer LOL

the one in the title screen sounds cooler LOL
It's not my duty to die for your government and suffer for your religion...I choose life.
I've been thinking about this all the time whenever I listen to one of LR's tracks; is it me or is Fromsoft just really an ass for not including the song in the credits?

It's an alternate version of 5 Point Five btw, which only plays the acoustic loop with some drums throughout the song.
Tears need help here guys... I can't find AC1 OST's... the original Armored Core. all I find is the Original Best Track version... can't find the real original ones.

please help... i'm going crazy Chair

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I have the non-OBT version of the soundtrack... but it's on my busted laptop. Sad

Try looking for torrents. There must be some that are still floating around.
You might just have to do it the hard way. LOL

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