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Republic Arena
Hayaan mo, pag nakita ko playing style mo baka gawan din kita ng AI hahah. At oo, pati ikaw Jake
Gawin niyo naman gray yung AC ko. Tongue
2020 edition.

Rankers so far. I intend to make 10. I just started with members with the most obvious design philosophies that could easily be translated to MoA.
[Image: jjHTQWs.jpg]

Beastkiller - Apocalypse
[Image: VZVPrr9.jpg]

Grim - Invictus
[Image: 4kkuhoh.jpg]
Backweapon is a mine layer. This might be the most difficult AI in the arena.

Twin-Skies - Nito'Ichi
[Image: L835kqP.jpg]

Mjting - Arch Angel
[Image: za4DOEQ.jpg]

NiX - Osiris
[Image: MHuBCGO.jpg]
(Should be MG-500/E but the AI can't handle it)

Leperman - Halimaw
[Image: 4iqdiYo.jpg]

I tried to make the AIs as difficult as possible without resorting to PLOW.

If you're playing on emulator and you wanna try it out, you can download the memory card file (MCD) here:
Looking forward!!!! got a recorder?
I am completely ill prepared to face my demise.

Thanks for doing this Nix Big grin It has made 2020 better already. I love how this arena feels fair compared to much of MoA's arena roster. Good job!

EDIT: Eli's already kicking my butt. That laser cannon is no joke.

By far AA seems to be the most aggressive of all the ACs.

Osiris could use the MG-1000 so he doesn't run out of ammo against tougher opponents (he ran out of ammo against my heavy).

My design reminds me of Tiamat from Project Phantasma Tongue the 5th ranker I think? EDIT: 4th, 5th after you defeat him.
Wow, I'm glad you actually tried it.

Yeah I already have a finer-tuned version in the works.

I'll try out the MG-1000 for my RJ. Honestly not the most imaginative design.

I removed the mine dispenser from Invictus. He runs ends up running into his own mines.

Here's the latest version if you'd care to try it out.

- Tweaked AIs
- Tweaked designs, particularly Osiris and Invictus
- Added Serene and Moonlight Raven
I fought against the latest two additions. ML Raven's even more aggressive than AA, but runs out of gas pretty quickly. I know the real life ML R would stick to the Karasawa, but this AI version might benefit more from the controlled ROF of the XFwPPk laser rifle instead.

Serene's AC plays almost like Eli's, but the chaingun seems to confuse him based on a few matches. Like he swaps the weapons around a few times? which hampers down his DPS (the unfolding animation really hampers his damage output.) Might be just me though.

Haven't fought the revamped AIs yet.
Re Obsidian Rock/Apocalypse: I don't really know what more I can do with tanks. You're probably playing the AI at a longer range than me, so they're acting differently from how I tested.

Might scrap either tank for a design using the AW-R / 4 "lotus root" dual arm cannons.

Re Moonlight Raven: I made a new version using the 100-shot laser rifle as you suggested. Lower usage drain too, which helps the AI manage it.

With that, here's the latest version:

- Added Maitreya
- Tweaked Moonlight Raven
So plenty of these are quite dangerous without being PLOW ACs, especially the aggressive ones like ML-R's. Mix's is also pretty nasty if you cant shrug off the damage.

Feels refreshing to be challenged by non PLOW ACs, even if their aim is still godly.

Latest version of this arena. Only minor tweaks from the last version.
(02-06-2023, 02:21 PM)NiX Wrote:

Latest version of this arena. Only minor tweaks from the last version.

Thanks, I hate it already.

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