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Republic Arena
[Image: NiXPiX26.jpg]

I've been developing an MOA AI Arena with combatants inspired by Raven Republic Members. Below are some of the designs I came up with. Note that I simply only used the LR designing styles of these players and applied them to MOA. In the case of Goatling and Serene, I simply tweaked their MOA designs that were posted in the old skool forum.

Otakuwarren - based on his PACT 2.1 Quad with LADON and an MG
[Image: TwinSkies.jpg]

Beastkiller - pretty obvious since he's our resident tank guy.
[Image: Beastkiller2.jpg]
[Image: Beastkiller1.jpg]

Goatling - Tweaked version of his posted AC. MG500/E was replaced because the AI couldn't handle it effectively.
[Image: Goatling.jpg]

Grimlok - based on Grimlok's need for speed and his preference for lightweights.
[Image: Grim.jpg]

Twin-Skies - based on his LR quads.
[Image: TwinSkies-1.jpg]

Maitreya - based on my memories of him playing MOA a long time ago.
[Image: Maitreya.jpg]

Leperman - After designing this, I heard from leperman himself that the design is almost is almost exactly what he'd be using.
[Image: Leperman.jpg]

I based the arena rank on PACT placings. Rank is pretty irrelevant anyway because I tried to set the AI so that they would ALL be difficult to defeat.

If you know of any parts that will make improve the performance of, please suggest them. If you want your AC to be of a certain color, please indicate that as well.

That's it for now. Next time, I'll try to use a much better digital camera. >_<

Btw, I have 1 more unused AI slot... who else wants in?

I'm really looking forward to having even one of you try this arena out the next time we all meet up for AC.
You're going on a serious AC binge! Tongue

Moved to the Old Skool section, seems to fit more there.

Awesome work, as always. I'd speak for my AC, but it already seems fine the way it is, what with what I use already there. My colors should be blue though, hehe.

You're scary dude, you got us all down pat, speaking from a PACT perspective.
OMG, its almost too similar! Smile) Nix can read minds now :p

The only difference between Nix's rendition and the one I frequently use in MOA is the head.

This sounds like fun, and can be done in SL's AI training, though I'd hate to train an AI all over again Sad
Hahah yeah if you'll notice, I gave most of them non-radar heads cuz AIs don't need radar anyway and those heads give the most defense.

As for reading minds... well I AM a psychology major. LOL Remember Judicator? Tongue

I'll post the AI settings maybe later when I get back.

And there's no way I'd wanna do this in SL's AI Trainer. >_<
lol it seems Im resistance to your mind probes haha (mag kaparehas lang tayo eh ... mas mataas lang ebel ho!!!)

Hahah actually namili kasi ako ng ilang members na may "distinct" designing style na madaling i-translate to MOA.

Clone, in your case, I know you to be a fan of low-drain midweight bipeds with fairly accurate weapons. That's kinda like my usual designing style. I've noticed that many others in RR share that same designing style too kaya sila hindi ko nagawan ng design (9 slots lang yung arena).

So to accomodate everyone with a penchant for midweights, maybe i'll make the ninth guy a generic Republic AI using a midweight AC.
OIC ... crap you got me ... hehe nic dala ka ng ps gawa tayo ng gaunlet challenge ... face all the RR members and see if you can come out on top XD

Q I haven't played SL so why won't you do it there?

Yeah next time we all meet up, magdadala nga ako ng PS1 at nitong MOA para masubukan niyo. LOL

Just try beating the entire arena with only 1 design! It's hard, I tell you. (Assuming of course you don't cheese them, or anything like that. But even then, they're still hard Tongue)

Sa SL kasi, may AI training feature na gagawa ka ng design, and then you constantly play using that AC tapos unti-unting kukunin ng AI na yung ang mga habits mo.

Diba dito sa MOA, you manually set yung flying frequency, lock frequency, etc. Dun sa SL, you literally have to develop the AI's tendency to do certain things by playing that way. Eh antagal matuto ng isang AI. Mga 2 days siguro of non-stop play hahah
aaah yun nasabi nyo na nga pala sakin un ... ung ba ung 1k ba laban na nagagawa mo medyo na cocopya ka palang nya ...

lol gawin nalang nating project un

lahat ng me SL mag alaga ng isang AI tapos pag lalabanin XD ... lol pero di ako sasali dun

Hahaha as far as I know, si Rick pa lang at ako ang may pinagtiyagaang AI sa SL. Tongue
Ahhk. I already deleted my ACMOA ISO. Damn.
try to put parts on some AC's that are energy efficient and some are balanced and energy suckers so we can identify our weaknesses and how to defeat our weaknesses just in case.... well thats my idea...
plss correct me if that doesn't work tnx.... :Salute: :Salute:
Zeraph23 Wrote:@NiX
try to put parts on some AC's that are energy efficient and some are balanced and energy suckers so we can identify our weaknesses and how to defeat our weaknesses just in case.... well thats my idea...
plss correct me if that doesn't work tnx.... :Salute: :Salute:
Well I would think that these ACs are already energy-efficient, seeing as the AI in MoA doesn't know energy-management, but the designs themselves still work.
ok thanks for the info..... XD

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