Current time: 03-27-2023, 06:46 AM
MOA - Osiris
Been doing another playthrough of the PSX AC games on emulator. Upscaling, PGXP, and widescreen hack make the game look amazing.

Anyhow, felt like posting my 2020 update to this AC.

[Image: 8aeAmVn.jpg]

[Image: ZIEQdbe.jpg]

I had almost forgotten that we still have the AC builder here.

Less ammo than before but 1000 more AP, more surplus energy, and Moonlight for insurance.

A future iteration may come up as I unlock a few more parts like the H10 head.
[Image: anjuDnj.png]

[Image: bw0RORR.png]

2023 update. Boosters should be B-VR-33.

Apparently, there's a cap to surplus energy supply. I don't know what the number is. 5000? So I swapped GBG-10000 to GBG-XR for more energy capacity.


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