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MOA - Osiris
As you may have noticed, I've been on an old school AC fest recently. Since I just finished AC2 and AA, I went back even further and finally completed ALL the arenas in MOA (because I simply couldn't before. I wasn't good enough and my understanding of the game was still shallow then). Yes, both my PS1 and MOA CDs are still working.

Here's the AC that I used to complete almost all the arenas (except for the leg-specific arenas though).

[Image: MOA-Osiris.jpg]
(Sorry for the crappy photo. Took a picture of my TV using my cellphone cam >_<)

AC Name: Osiris

Head: HD-H10 (Eva-01 look-a-like head)
Core: XXA-S0
Arms: AN-K1
Legs: LB-1000-P (Lightest RJ legs)
Generator: GBG-10000 (Highest output)
FCS: QX-AF (The 2nd WS-Type FCS)
Booster: B-P351 (2nd highest boost power)
Back L: RXA-01WE (Starter Radar)
Back R: M118-TD (Ammo pack)
Arm L: None
Arm R: WG-MG500/E (Energy Machine Gun)

S/SCR (shell screen)
E/SCR (energy screen)
ABS (reduces impact shock)
ABS/Re (further reduces impact shock)
CND-K (increases energy output)
EH (increases energy weapon rate of fire)
E+ (increases energy weapon power)
DEtq (decreases usage drain of energy weapons)


The entire design is built around the energy machine gun. The MG500/E has an insanely high attack power for its rate of fire, with its only drawback being the high usage drain. Hence the super low drain frame (around 5915 surplus EP). With the ammo, speed, unmatchable turning rate of this AC, no other weapons were really needed.

With careful booster control and energy management, one can literally hold down on the fire button from the start of the match until the enemy AC is destroyed without even emptying the energy gauge.

Though the AC is very light, defense is not compromised. Without screens, shell defense is at 1756 while energy defense is at 1616. Stability is relatively low, as with most RJs. But thanks to both the ABS and ABS/Re, the stability has been brought up to 3910, which is enough to keep the AC from being stunned by hand gun fire.

The AC's primary strength is in CQC not just because of the MG500/E but also because of its extremely high turning rate of 1420. The fastest turning quad is at 1160 while the fastest turning biped is at 1230.

Side Notes:

Touching MOA now makes me appreciate how simple AC designing used to be. It also makes me appreciate how later AC games have provided us with the far more relevant stats and a much better interface. In MOA, the range and lock speed of the FCS are not provided. Total shell and energy defense stats as well as surplus energy points are also not provided, among other things. -_-
Why am I not surprised?
Maybe it's because MG-500/E Owns too much?

ABS and ABS/Re does not stack.

But still a good design.

I give it a 4/5.
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Serene Wrote:ABS and ABS/Re does not stack.
Yeah, as far as I remember once you got the /RE the other one was basically useless? Correct me if I'm wrong though, been so long since I played MoA last.

Damn, did you design a gamebreaker or what? Ehehe.

Looking forward to the weekend, when I will unleash a crap ton of designs for you guys.
I looked at the stability stat in the performance menu and as far as that's concerned, yes the stability did stack.
Damn, another AC for the pros. With a 185 offensive stat... for some I reason I suck at machine guns. I simply lack the coordination to keep the lock on to the enemy. I still have a lot to learn.

Sweet AC nonetheless. Im gonna try and practice using that AC.
Don't pay too much attention to the offensive points. It's a pretty misleading stat. Tongue

Using MGs isn't too hard. You just have to pair it with the right FCS to net you a really big lockbox. Happy
Sweet. Broken EN Machinegun + RJ + EN OP parts = Gangster
looks good but i tend to use the pulse guns more so than any other en weapon of that era, did you try one of them out NIX ?
Yeah for a long time I did use the Pulse Rifles in AC1. Downside is the small lockbox.
that can hurt unless you are using the right FCS. there was one in MOA that i used all the time because it gave me a fast missile lock for a wide & shallow setup and still gave me a good size box.

uynfortunately i don't remember the name. i'd have to play it again to tell you which one i used.
I think it was the TRYX QUAD. It has the best type of lock and respectable missile lock on.
FBMB-18X is what i'm thinking of.
Both the pulse rifles and the energy MG have Special lock boxes IIRC so I started looking back at the stats of both the XP1000 pulse rifle and the MG500/E. One thing I noticed was the XP1000 beats the MG500E in damage race w/o option parts, with the XP1000 having 302 attack power at 3 frames per shot and the MG500E with 185 at 2 frames per shot. Now I don't know how the EH option part works if it increases ROF in a linear fashion or by percentage, but assuming that it reduces the reload rate of the MG500/E to just one frame, then it wins out over the XP1000 with the same option part in damage race.

Then again, no one denies that the MG500/E has the best potential killpower among the two.

Also, FCS' behave differently in the AC1 generation of games IIRC. It seems that certain FCS' give bonuses to certain lock types, much like how the QX-9009 gives a big lock box for ND weapons at the expense of lock sizes of other weapon types (Special lock weapons get a tiny small box with the QX-9009 IIRC).

I think the FCS that gives the largest SP lock was the P/CV, but it has only 1 lock and compromises the lock box of other weapons. I'm not too sure about this, so I think I may have to fire up MOA again soon.
Yeah the FCS mechanics of AC1 was really wonky. A lot of stuff had to be done through trial and error because of the lack of information given. I don't really remember why I used that FCS that I did, but I do think that it gave me the biggest box.
(02-01-2010, 01:54 PM)DarkFury Wrote: FBMB-18X is what i'm thinking of.

Was that 18X of 118X?

Anyways, It's what I used too back then.

Xp-1000 beats Mg-500/e when it comes to damage race, it just so happened that Xp-1000 has too little ammo.
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