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What's everyone playing now?
Let's face it, most of us have their own special quirks and uniqueness that varies our tastes in gaming. As much as there are differences in tastes between people, there are a few games that we play that have some universal appeal (though most of the time, partially). So I'm pretty curious what games are you people playing right now to kill time/get a perfect score/become a demi-god in, this is because I might get addicted to the games that some of you people play.

I'll start with some that I've been playing for a while and some games that I've recently played.

Jagged Alliance 2/1.13 mod for the PC

This game I've been playing since the demo came out in 1998, though I've only been playing it constantly upon discovery of the 1.13 mod a year and a half ago. Jagged Alliance is a strategy RPG which I'd like to classify as a guerrilla simulator. You take control of a rag-tag bunch of mercenaries with different personalities a skills and take over a whole country against a tyrannical queen in order to liberate a small exploited country under her rule. By far, this game has the largest amount of guns I've ever seen in ANY video game including certain firearms that never made it into the market such as the OICW project. Overall, the combination of open-ended gameplay, characters, the tons-of-guns feature in addition to the fact that the game is still being constantly updated (meaning new firearms at each update and new gameplay features) makes the game feel like a new experience every time you play. I temporarily stopped playing the game till I get the next update though.

Escape Velocity Nova for the Mac and PC

I like space trader games (and pirate trader games as well), and this game is pretty much like a regular space trading game. You buy low, sell high on different planets, upgrade your ship, hire escorts, and follow a certain storyline. What separates this game from others like it is its massive fleet battles. I'm talking about the ability of the game to allow all your ships to simultaneously engage in combat AT THE SAME TIME (similar games in the genre only allow for one ship at a time combat). Ship classes also vary from a simple shuttle, to a giant space carrier that can carry multiple fighters, to a heavy weapons platform ready to subjugate worlds along with its accompanying fleet (yes, you can control planets and systems... if you're powerful enough).

I'll type the rest later, anyway here are the other games I'm currently playing.

Persona 3 for the PS2

Sim City 2000 for the PC (c/o Sforzando)
I play Yu-Gi-Oh Power of Chaos for the PC every once in a while. I'd play Yu-Gi-Oh Online or the actual collectible card game but those are expensive hobbies.

I used to play A LOT of StarCraft. I haven't played in a while though because my PC's CD drive is busted. But even though I haven't been playing, I'm still up-to-date when it comes to StarCraft's korean professional leagues. Watching their matches is just as fun as actually playing.

But the game that gets most of my time nowadays? TETRIS on my mobile phone. LOL

Here are some of the games that keep pulling me back, no matter how old I get:

The Fallout Series
Alright, these games are made of pure win. Those of you more action-oriented might find it a lot slow, but for the RPGers among us this game was one of the definers of the genre on the PC. Turn-based movement and combat, inventory management even before Diablo came along, very good dialogue and an engaging story.

Fallout: Tactics for the PC might be more up the alley of those seeking more guns blazing than mouths talking. Still turn-based combat, but faster and more fluid.

Incidentally, Fallout 3 is on the way. Real excited for it.

Link above goes to one of the prominent Fallout communities.


Grid Wars
Definite time-killer. Do not play this game if you're fond of shooters and need your time to finish work. Trust me, you will not get anything done. Good thing I installed it on the laptop so I don't see it on my screen much.

Grid Wars, like I said in the topic, is a free version of the popular Geometry Wars avaliable for the XBox. While there's no online component here, do you really need one? Playing with yourself (*cough*) is tons of fun enough. Man I gotta play this again.


The Monkey Island Games
No matter how many times I finish them it's still a blast to play. Of course not two, three times in a row, that'd ruin the whole "getting back to it" part.

For those of us who grew up when the PC world was still straddling between DOS and Windows, you HAVE HAD to at least heard of the genre of adventure games. Secret of Monkey Island, Broken Sword, Day of the Tentacle, Sam and Max, and so on. Without spoiling too much, basically you're Guybrush Threepwood, wannabe-pirate-extraordinaire, and no matter how much running you do, the evils of the zombie pirate LeChuck always catch up to you. So armed with nothing but your wits, a LOT OF TIME, and a conveniently placed action menu at the bottom of your screen, you try to get out of the mishaps you fall into.

These games (especially the ones made by LucasArts) are very famous for their beautiful art, amazingly funny dialogue, and unforgettable plots. If you want to experience them again, ScummVM is the place to start.


Transport Tycoon
The one I linked to is the free, open-source version. Just doing my part. Wink

Transport Tycoon, for those of you that haven't played it, is a lot like SimCity (which I also play, BTW) except that you manage the transportation needs of the cities built around you. You name it: buses, trains, airplanes and boats, if it moves people and cargo, then you get to control it. Again, might not be for those seeking more action.


Final Fantasy VI
If you owned an SNES, this has got to be one of the best RPGs for that system alongside Chrono Trigger, if not alongside all other systems' RPGs. It's that good.

With a story that was still pretty fresh then (with a female lead!), great characters, nice places, and an unforgettably insane madman, this game is a testament to Squaresoft's genius. Get it, one way or another.


Street Fighter
Even after all these years I'm still addicted to this game. It's heaven in 2D.

Street Fighter is THE game that catapulted the fighting game genre into the spotlight, and it continues to be very popular today. Unfortunately I haven't heard of that many players locally, so I never get play much besides some of my friends. And no, I'm not talking about those crossover-type games like Marvel vs. Capcom or X-Men vs. Street Fighter, I'm talking about plain, pure Street Fighter, although I play a bit of Capcom vs. SNK now and then.

I just feel that there's more timing and strategizing involved within a 2D world than with 3D, because you can't sidestep attacks. Either you block or you parry, and if you're against a skilled player you won't get to do either. Not saying that these don't exist with 3D fighters, though. I enjoy myself a little Tekken now and then, but I'll always come back to SF sooner or later.

Currently playing: Third Strike and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo.


I think you get the gist of the games that really take up most of my gametime. I'm not heavy into the whole MMORPG thing. Also, this should show why I don't actually finish a lot of games: too many going on at once. I have a good time, so I couldn't care less, heh.

+1 to SimCity, Persona 3 and Jagged Alliance
ac4 and warhawk for ps3 Big grin
Another favorite game of mine is Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (The chibi street fighter puzzle game). I used to have the PC version of this. Unfortunately, my friend lost my installer disc. -_- If I could only get my hands on another copy, I'd still be playing.

There's a PS and GBA version but Does anyone here know where I can get a copy of the PC version? Torrent perhaps?

I also enjoy playing Internet Hearts once in a while. Tongue

So... yeah, I like mech games, some RPGs, puzzlers (i LOVE puzzlers), and card games. Hahah
I like a few fighting games too such as Samurai Showdown IV (talk about having no competition), Guilty Gear, and Tekken.
Been playing Guilty Gear XX Slash in my PSP to death(and I got RPG's and action games in there), I think I've probably invested about 50 hrs in this particular game(abt 30 hrs as Testament, my "new" character). I wish I had human opponents tho, nkkasawa na AI(sana me mag PM sa kin).

In PS2 I've been playing Guilty Gear Accent Core(no surprise), tho not as frequent(been trying to play at least 1 a week..).

In Xbox360, I've just finished Tenchu Z(a very kewl game), and just started playing Gears of War(Sweet!!)
This is also a punishment for you.
You will be the defender of justice and wear a mask forever,
you won't be able to live as yourself.
You will sacrifice all your happiness for the world.. Eternally..
(Last words to Zero - Lelouch Vi Britania)
Hey DT did you check out the Tekken tournament in MOA last Saturday? Di ako nakapunta SOBRANG TRAFFIC. >_< It was huge daw and even the creators of Tekken were there.
currently playing Another Century's Episode 3 since wla ako magawa Tongue
Quote:Posted by NiX - Today 02:37 AM
Hey DT did you check out the Tekken tournament in MOA last Saturday? Di ako nakapunta SOBRANG TRAFFIC. >_< It was huge daw and even the creators of Tekken were there.

Doc informed me of the event, tho I doubt he did got to go to that event either. Actually I [/quote]doing for this), Oh well..
This is also a punishment for you.
You will be the defender of justice and wear a mask forever,
you won't be able to live as yourself.
You will sacrifice all your happiness for the world.. Eternally..
(Last words to Zero - Lelouch Vi Britania)
yeah fallout FTW!!!!


yeah Grid Wars is really fun.

I'm also playing Ace Combat 4 a lot, since I don't have 5/0 yet.
AC:LR(still gotta add the finishing touches to everyone's ACs, sowwy guys!)
Xenosaga Eppy 1: still gotta finish, haven't played the other two :S
and Guitar Hero 2: cause I don't have 80's. nor GH3 when it comes out T_T

EDIT: can't believe I forgot this one >_<

BioShock=one of the most fun games I've played in a while. I really recommend it to anyone with the comp(or 360) to play it.
I'll continue with some.

Freespace 2 for the PC

I'm sure you guys have seen space shooter titles like Colony Wars for the PSOne and the Wing Commander series for the PC, but this title is simply the best space shooter game I've ever played. The game stays with me not only because of the graphics (They are dated by todays standards, as the game was released in 1999) and gameplay but because no other game has aver invoked the feeling of despair over the presence of an unstoppable enemy as the one you face in Freespace 2. The story is as epic as different space opera shows like Battle Star Galactica and Babylon 5, though I still think Freespace 2 is still better than them both in terms of story :p. Coincidentally, if you do watch the aforementioned space operas, then you should definitely give Freespace 2 a shot. In case of legal matters, you can legally make copies of the game and distribute it to friends or acquaintances as long as no money is involved (says so in the license agreement mentioned in the wiki :p).

Resident Evil 4 for the GC, PS2, PC and Wii

One of the few mainstream games that I'll be playing again over the course of time simply because I like role-playing Leon with different weapons from the beginning and the zombie killing action is amazingly stress relieving.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for the PSone, Sega Saturn, XBOX360

I'm sure you guys have heard or played it, but for still those who are not in the know, its a side scrolling action RPG that puts you in the role of Alucard, Count Dracula's son, who is trying to solve the mystery of Castlevania's early reappearance, and thus the early resurrection of the evil count as well. Gameplay is reminicent of side scrolling beat 'em up games but executed with style and an amazing soundtrack and beautifully detailed backgrounds. Quite possibly the most fun 2D game I've ever played (though the graphics are not as close as Odin Sphere for the PS2 however). I still have a copy and I play it once in a while just to tour some of the more exotic areas in the castle such as the catacombs and the underground passages.

Pinball, mobile game

It can be any version. It just kills time since the ball goes at random directions, making no 2 plays similar to each other.

Now thanks to you Grimlok, I'll look into some old RPGs now (I'll try getting the GBA version of FF6, and no I haven't played it yet). I've been hearing a lot about Monkey Island games even when I was in early high school, but I never gave it a shot (Sad what have I been missing??!).

Nix I'm not really into puzzle games, though I'm willing try if its pretty addictive.

Strawhat_luffy, I too play Ace Combat 4 and a lot more than Ace Combat 5/0 because it really feels like a war is going on :p. I also haven't finished any of the Xenosaga games Smile) I'd play bioshock as well if only my PC could handle it Sad
Rick, just play FF6 on an SNES emulator. And if you can get a hold of a translated rom of Front Mission for SNES, it's great too!

I've also got a knack for arcade driving games and UFO Catcher/Stuffed toy grabber machines. I've probably gotten at least a dozen stuffed toys from those now. Even the big-ass ones. Tongue
I haven't been active lately because I got eaten by Odin Sphere Sad

Next in line is the .hack//GU series, which comes with a whole anime series which I'll have to watch first!! -_-

One of the series I'm a little surprised that no one has mentioned yet is Suikoden. I mean, what can be more interesting than getting 108 different characters in one game?! LOL I've played every release since the 2nd one. Also, the Wild Arms series is nice too for the different types of arms that the character can use and the always fun storyline.

If not for Rick and his AC obsession I'd still be playing only RPGs and fighting games all the time.
azuma-blade Wrote:currently playing Another Century's Episode 3 since wla ako magawa Tongue

Me too,, from time to time, I play it. I'm abusing Wing zero custom, with limiter removed Jason

I'm holding off Odin Sphere for a while. Persona 3 and .hack GU Redemption is eating my time :s

Xth form rocks Domo

I'm waiting for Front Mission 5, it looks good.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot I'm playing Suikoden 5 too <_< I think I'm gonna hold it for a while too...
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