Grenade-launching quad
AC:LR, it lives! Woot

On a more serious note, here is my evaluation after 10 minutes of testing:

Excellent burst damage at short range, especially if one can consistently connect with grenades at point blank range.
As with its namesake, can easily destroy grounded tanks and other heavy weight ACs, also surprisingly effective against airborne light weights.

Burst damage is significantly lowered at long range as grenades take time to lock on to hit.
Vulnerable to counter-fire, especially from missiles when lining up a grenade shot.
Low energy defence.

Overall, this is a respectable design capable of taking on most AI-controlled targets. Rushing and careful shot placement will ensure a quick victory (<60 seconds). The only change I'd make is to swap out the EC optional part for MARISHI and RIBOSE for a little bit more heat resistance.

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