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    Thread: Old Thunder
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I've been running something similar to this with a midweight dual laser rifle on the VE20B. I personally love the arm weapon combo, you got a heavy hitter on the right, and a chip damage weapon on the...
Lord_Leperman 6th Generation 3 60 09-08-2023, 07:43 AM
    Thread: Help with optimizing my PVP loadouts.
Post: RE: Help with optimizing my PVP loadouts.

Penguin Deus Wrote: (08-31-2023, 11:51 PM) -- Where do you get the tureno?  I don't think I have access to that, yet. -- New game++, basically 3rd playthrough. [sp]The Analysis Arena, reward for...
Lord_Leperman 6th Generation 13 255 09-01-2023, 01:16 PM
    Thread: Help with optimizing my PVP loadouts.
Post: RE: Help with optimizing my PVP loadouts.

A good alternative I've found for the Stun Needle are the TURENO kinetic missiles. They have a fast travel time, almost like a direct fire weapon that bipeds have to stop in place to launch these miss...
Lord_Leperman 6th Generation 13 255 08-31-2023, 09:17 AM
    Thread: Feelsgoodman.
Post: RE: Feelsgoodman.

Yeah, personally the best AC game I've played. Our Discord channel is super active because of this, and it's crazy I'm having so much fun with AC6. On my end, I haven't finished one play through...
Lord_Leperman Core-Related 5 175 08-27-2023, 07:22 AM
    Thread: Tenkaippin
Post: Tenkaippin

My first new design in more than a decade, and one last LR design post before the release of Armored Core 6. EYE3 U2 AG FA VULTURE2 F73H G91 HAZEL - RM3 ...
Lord_Leperman 3rd Generation 0 45 08-23-2023, 02:04 PM
    Thread: Armored Core 6's Stagger Mechanics
Post: Armored Core 6's Stagger Mechanics Here we go, our first lesson in weapon stagger 101. Might still be speculative at this point, but it's a very good lead to what we might expect. Plus,...
Lord_Leperman Theory and Concept 0 92 08-21-2023, 02:16 PM
    Thread: ACV Emblems
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By popular demand (NSFW): [sp][/sp]
Lord_Leperman Core-Related 281 322,596 08-21-2023, 01:52 PM
    Thread: Winner winner chicken dinner
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Penguin Deus Wrote: (08-19-2023, 05:37 AM) -- Do any of y'all like Starbucks or anything like that?  I wonder if I can set up a similar game, but send one of you a Starbucks gift card or something, i...
Lord_Leperman Assembly 15 385 08-19-2023, 10:29 AM
    Thread: Mental Repository (M.R.)
Post: RE: Mental Repository (M.R.)

Our Discord channel has been super active lately. It reminds me of the early forum days where we'd post often. Though I see our AC6 design section flourishing once the game gets out.
Lord_Leperman General Discussion 6,059 5,006,091 08-17-2023, 09:04 PM
    Thread: Winner winner chicken dinner
Post: RE: Winner winner chicken dinner

AEA1 Wrote: (08-15-2023, 11:22 AM) -- With aug 25 nearing. Lets feed the fire. Am setting up a bounty for the first raven to find the karasawa Prize...chicken dinner. Food will be delivered by ...
Lord_Leperman Assembly 15 385 08-17-2023, 09:02 PM
    Thread: Questions for playing AC6
Post: RE: Questions for playing AC6

I got it for PC on my end. Didn't get a PS5, but I believe there's a sizeable JP community that's gonna play on PS5, at least the ones I follow online.
Lord_Leperman Assembly 8 141 08-10-2023, 09:04 PM
    Thread: Chili's National Burger Day Promo
Post: RE: Chili's National Burger Day Promo

Lord_Leperman Wrote: (04-20-2009, 06:40 AM) -- Chili's bar and grill is offering all of their burgers for only 118 pesos from 330 pesos, a 60% discount on Aprill 22 from 11am-2pm and at 6pm-9pm only ...
Lord_Leperman Billboard 69 82,960 07-30-2023, 08:12 AM
    Thread: General Gaming News
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That part about Glorbo was hilarious. That reminded me of the time between the announcement and release of Elden Ring, where speculation went rampant over the content of the game based on whatever ER ...
Lord_Leperman Gaming 118 128,893 07-30-2023, 07:44 AM
    Thread: Armored Core PvP retrospective
Post: Armored Core PvP retrospective

So, some of you might have read that I'm writing a series of articles about Armored Core's storied PvP. They're all up on the front page of our website. The Series overview:
Lord_Leperman Core-Related 0 95 07-28-2023, 08:22 AM
    Thread: We compiled a list of reactions/opinions about Armored Core VI revealed today and als
Post: RE: We compiled a list of reactions/opinions about...

I'm blown away by the amount of coverage. And I'm extremely delighted that Bamco is actually making an effort to market AC now.
Lord_Leperman Core-Related 2 145 07-28-2023, 08:17 AM